JURNAL : Your Search Strings 001 - Found What You're Looking For Here?

Blog tools such as feedjit.com can provide a lot of information about your blog readers such as their arrival /departure time, which country they reside, what browser and operating system they're using and from what blog they came from.

But the most interesting feature is probably the search strings that the user type in search engines such as Google and Yahoo that brought them here to this blog. I do get the usual strings such as 'eddvedder' and 'movie review' from readers all around the world. But occasionally there's one or two search strings that makes me wonder - are you for real?!? What?!

Here's some example of those search strings that you - yes you, the readers, typed in your search engines, that took you here to this blog based on my Feedjit account :

1) frank bijak
- are u talking about Frank Lampard? He's not that 'bijak', and Chelsea fans call him Fat Frank.

2) pencuci muka yang Nasha Aziz pakai
- seriously girl (guy?), even if you know the answer, you will never ever look like her.

3) kain kebaya macam mak aku buat
- and u expect Google to know this?

4) tetek Azizah Mahzan
- MILF hunter this one. Or maybe it's Nazim Masnawi.

5) foto punggong tonggek
- if you really need to fap, find it in You Tube.

6) liana jasmay bogel
- Ok, you pervert, she's a good girl and a great actress. But if there is one, keep me informed.

7) feshien terbaru Vanida Imran
- learn how to spell first.

8) erti sebuah pembikinan filem/ teater
- err, to make money? No?

9) Ali Larter hindustan / bollywood
- I get this a lot. Almost everyday. There's a lot of Ali Larter (or Bollywood) fans out there.

10) cleaning pussy
- well, put the cat into a small tub and put some shampoo on the cat's fur and..huh? what? Oh, you don't mean cats..?

11) hitch cock
- there's no space between those two words... unless you're searching for Will Smith's family jewels.

12) waxing yoko-yoko
- clearly you have been misinformed about the correct usage of Yoko-Yoko.

13) vagina frapuccino
- I don't even want to know what that taste like.

14)berak di Awana Kijal
- either you mispelled 'break' or you really need to go clean yourself.

15)pedophile gruesome castration
- Ok, u need to get some help. Fast.

.. i don't even know what to say. Only in cyberspace.


  1. Anonymous said...


    I dunno which one I should do first - laugh off or smack my forehead. You're right, only in cyberspace.

    vagina frapuccino

    Whatever it means - ugh, I will never ever look at/think about frapuccino the same way again! Ewww~

  2. Nazim Masnawi said...

    "Ok, you pervert, she's a good girl and a great actress."

    Aku tak faham macam mana kau boleh letak istilah "good" dan "girl" all in one sentence. Women are sluts, man. They all are.

  3. Nazim Masnawi said...

    And no. 7 is a lie. There ain't no Vanida, just Imran.

  4. Edd Vedder said...

    It's kinda funny but in a creepy kinda way.. so u really don't know how to react.

    what do u mean no 7 is a lie? It's u isn't it? I bet you're responsible for no 4,5 and 6 as well..

  5. Zack said...

    Aku sedih bagi pihak mak dan kakak Nazim Masnawi.

    ps: makes me wonder why la org malaysia/ melayu ni suka sangat benda2 lucah?

  6. Nazim Masnawi said...

    "Aku sedih bagi pihak mak dan kakak Nazim Masnawi."

    Aku rasa mak aku setuju with pendapat aku. My sis probably not so much, tapi deep down she knows it's the truth. You all do.

    "makes me wonder why la org malaysia/ melayu ni suka sangat benda2 lucah?"

    I bet masa kau tawaf SELURUH dunia dulu lepas kolej, you didn't see such thing with bangsa lain, right? Right?!??

  7. Anonymous said...

    "makes me wonder why la org malaysia/ melayu ni suka sangat benda2 lucah?"

    I thought porn is the biggest thing in the cyberspace. Right? Riiiighhht? I mean, raser penah bacer article dulu - the highest percentage of why people accessing interweb is for porn. So yeah it's not org melayu jerk, it's the 6 billions population in general.

    And oh yer, porn and biggest in one sentence. So not good.

  8. Nadia said...

    hehehe...lawak...lawak..bile aku tengok yg terlink dgn blog aku pun, alahaiiii...punye le byk sex addicts!
    ada 1 reader tu byk kali masuk from 'cerita erotis' ke apa ntah. haiyaa...

    psstt..btw, kat kedah dah ada FOS rupenye. tp kat SP. ;-)

  9. jazrul said...

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  10. fauzi said...

    sedih tengok lucah sekarang ni aysik bangsa sendiri je

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