JURNAL : Your Search Strings 001 - Found What You're Looking For Here?

Blog tools such as feedjit.com can provide a lot of information about your blog readers such as their arrival /departure time, which country they reside, what browser and operating system they're using and from what blog they came from.

But the most interesting feature is probably the search strings that the user type in search engines such as Google and Yahoo that brought them here to this blog. I do get the usual strings such as 'eddvedder' and 'movie review' from readers all around the world. But occasionally there's one or two search strings that makes me wonder - are you for real?!? What?!

Here's some example of those search strings that you - yes you, the readers, typed in your search engines, that took you here to this blog based on my Feedjit account :

1) frank bijak
- are u talking about Frank Lampard? He's not that 'bijak', and Chelsea fans call him Fat Frank.

2) pencuci muka yang Nasha Aziz pakai
- seriously girl (guy?), even if you know the answer, you will never ever look like her.

3) kain kebaya macam mak aku buat
- and u expect Google to know this?

4) tetek Azizah Mahzan
- MILF hunter this one. Or maybe it's Nazim Masnawi.

5) foto punggong tonggek
- if you really need to fap, find it in You Tube.

6) liana jasmay bogel
- Ok, you pervert, she's a good girl and a great actress. But if there is one, keep me informed.

7) feshien terbaru Vanida Imran
- learn how to spell first.

8) erti sebuah pembikinan filem/ teater
- err, to make money? No?

9) Ali Larter hindustan / bollywood
- I get this a lot. Almost everyday. There's a lot of Ali Larter (or Bollywood) fans out there.

10) cleaning pussy
- well, put the cat into a small tub and put some shampoo on the cat's fur and..huh? what? Oh, you don't mean cats..?

11) hitch cock
- there's no space between those two words... unless you're searching for Will Smith's family jewels.

12) waxing yoko-yoko
- clearly you have been misinformed about the correct usage of Yoko-Yoko.

13) vagina frapuccino
- I don't even want to know what that taste like.

14)berak di Awana Kijal
- either you mispelled 'break' or you really need to go clean yourself.

15)pedophile gruesome castration
- Ok, u need to get some help. Fast.

.. i don't even know what to say. Only in cyberspace.

WEB : Watchmen New Trailer & Poster

The anticipation keeps building up..

Last night on Spike TV Awards 2008, Zack Snyder, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Malin Ackerman & the super-duper stunning Carla Gugino premiered the official new trailer to worldwide audience featuring tons of new footage not featured on the last trailer that I posted here.

Say what you want about Snyder (slo-mo cuts, dizzying 360 panning, wide-angle CGI shots, etc..), but that guy sure knows how to cut a freakin' awesome trailer.

Watch the clip below, and for you MCR fans out there, u might notice the guy at the beginning of the clip. BTW, MCR is also confirmed to close the movie with a Bob Dylan's cover (*yaay for Zacko & Sha*).

And the fun doesn't stop there.. Yahoo Movies introduced a fantastic new teaser poster which re-creates a famous moment from the opening scene of the film and is briefly shown in the final shot of the trailer above.

If you notice, the poster reveals the movie will be R-Rated for "graphic violence, sexuality, nudity and language". Glad to know that Snyder doesn't resort to cutting this movie into a G or PG in order to make more money. Hoping that the nudity refers to Gugino.. :).

Awesome stuff.

TV : 5 New TV Series That Are Worth Your Time, and 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Them

If you've been here more than twice, you'll probably noticed that I kinda' have this infatuation with Heroes and a certain Ms. Penettiere. Though I still love Heroes (..although at the moment I'm not feeling the whole 'some powers are given' and present-future-present storyline), I cannot ignore other exciting new series premiering on American TV. They're many to choose from - some are good and some are bad, depending on your preferences. Listed below are the 5 new series that I think are worth your viewing time (..or DL-ing time, especially for someone who is in Malaysia, like me).

True Blood

What it's about :
True Blood, from Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball, is a small-screen adaptation of Charlaine Harris' smart Southern Vampire Mysteries books, and poses the question, "What if vampires were not only real, but part of society?"
After a Japanese scientist makes synthetic blood, vampires come out of the coffin and are free to roam the world, presumably because they don't pose a threat to humans anymore. Anna Paquin stars as mind-reading waitress Sookie Stackhouse (best character name EVER) who becomes enamored with her town's first fanged visitor, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer).

5 reasons you should watch it :
  • > It's a social satire. The vamps movement could very well be about civil rights or homophobia and it's very fun to watch. How would you react if vampires were actually part of your everyday life?
  • > Horny characters. There's a whole bunch of them..
  • > That kid from The Piano, Anna Paquin. Gap-toothed southern gals has never been sexier.
  • > The blood and gore. Well, if you're into that kind of thing..
  • > The opening credit. One of the best I have ever seen. It set's the tone really well, with creepy grainy images flashing to the tune of Jace Everett's Bad Things.


What it's about :
Fringe stars Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, and John Noble as an unlikely trio that investigates unusual phenomena for the FBI. Before you ask "Wait a minute, isn't that The X-Files?" Well, unlike Scully and Mulder who are running after aliens and ghosts, these guys are chasing phenomenons that are almost real. That's how Fringe gets it name - from 'fringe science', or the fields of technology and science that are on the verge of breakthroughs.

5 reasons you should watch it :
  • > Very high production values. The pilot was almost movie-like with high explosives, amazing special effects and great sets.
  • > The conspiracy theories. Who doesn't love them?
  • > Amidst all the seriousness, there's also some surprisingly humorous moments that catch you off guard. Great writing.
  • > Watching an episode almost like watching a Discovery channel special because it might actually teach you a thing or two.
  • > It's from J.J. Abrams, the man behind Alias and Lost. So you know what to expect.

Breaking Bad

What it's about :
Well, it's not really new; Breaking Bad actually premiered on US TV in January this year but I recently discovered it, and I'm glad I did. The series stars Bryan Cranston (the dad from Malcolm In The Middle) as Walter White, a struggling high school chemistry teacher with a handicapped child and pregnant wife. When the already tense White is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, he breaks down and turns to a life of crime, setting up meth drug lab in a desire to secure his family's future financial security.

5 reasons you should watch it :
  • > Bryan Cranston. Fucking amazing actor. No wonder he won an Emmy recently.
  • > The acting is as good as you can get on TV. The supporting casts are so much fun to watch.
  • > The writing and the storytelling is compelling. I guarantee by episode 3, you'll be attached to the characters and their lives.
  • > I love the premise. Walt White is the perfect anti-hero. You cheer for him but at the same time you can't believe what shitty mess he's gotten himself into. Would you succumb to the same situation if you're in his shoes?
  • > Walt in his underwear, with a gas mask on, driving an RV in the desert. You have to see it (click here)

Life On Mars

What it's about :
No, it's not about life on planet Mars. It's actually about a New York City homicide detective who suddenly finds himself inexplicably transported from 2008 to 1973. The series was adapted from the British series of the same name shown by the BBC. The series just premiered on Oct 9 and currently in it's 2nd episode.

5 reasons you should watch it :
  • > Harvey freakin' Keitel.
  • > ..and longtime crush Lisa Bonet.
  • > ..and Gretchen Mol in a policewoman uniform with 70's wavy hair.
  • > Great 70's music throughout the show especially the title track, David Bowie's Life On Mars.
  • > Time-traveling stories are always fun to watch.

My Own Worst Enemy

What it's about :
Edward Albright is a super spy. Henry Spivey is living the normal American dream in the suburbs with his wife, two kids and dog. The two men have one thing in common - they share the same body because Edward took part in an experiment several years earlier to create a split personality. Henry has never met his alter-ego Edward, except for an email he receives from Edward saying that people are coming to kill him. Now, the super spy and the suburban daddy have to learn to live with each other in the same body and not get each other killed.

My Own Worst Enemy premiered last week after much hype and I'm actually 50/50 about this one. Looks promising though, but we'll see how it goes.

5 reasons you should watch it :
  • > I actually kinda' like Christian Slater. The last time I saw him in anything was in this indie flick, He Was A Quiet Man in which he did an excellent job. So it's good seeing him return to prime time.
  • > It sort of have that Alias feel to it with all the super-spy and espionage tales.
  • > The pilot was directed by David Semel, who also directed the pilot for Heroes so you got the same style of storytelling, pacing and a revealing ending.
  • > It's a twist to the classic Jekyll & Hyde story.
  • > err.. Madchen Amick?

Those are the 5 'new' series that I think are worth watching or *cough* downloading *cough* right now. Take those 5 series plus new seasons of Life, Pushing Daisies, Reaper, Entourage, Nip/Tuck, The L Word and others, I certainly have my hands full. And don't forget the always amazing new season of Mad Men, Californication and Chuck. And speaking about Chuck, say hello to Yvonne Strahovski who played Agent Sarah Walker :

Nothing.. I just need a reason to post her picture here. :)

There's also a bunch of new series premiering in the past few months such as The Cleaner, Raising The Bar, Sons of Anarchy, Privileged, Worst Week, The Mentalist, Sanctuary & The Eleventh Hour that has created a great buzz either critically or commercially, that I have yet to discover.

So many great TV series, so little time..
I need Hiro's powers...
And super fast broadband Internet access.

TV : V - Those lizard aliens are back..

One of the most scarring image from 1980s television that was stuck in my brain,was the image of the (very hot) alien, Diana from V: The Miniseries swallowing a whole rat. A whole fucking rodent right down her throat.

As shown on the YouTube clip above, the animation looks really shitty and cheap now, but trust me, in those days I was literally watching this scene between my fingers. V was a television event --a must-see science-fiction extravaganza that had viewers glued to their TV sets and hiding under their covers.

I mean who doesn't want to watch aliens getting their human mask ripped-off, revealing a very scary, slimy lizard-like face? (clips below)

Well, guess what? V is coming back to TV.

ABC is giving a makeover to the 1983 miniseries with the help of The 4400 co-creator Scott Peters, who will be executive producer and help pen the new V. So far there is no word on whether the new V will be a miniseries or a series.

ABC's V will be set in the same universe, but its centerpiece will be a female Homeland Security agent who is dealing with her son's affinity for the alien visitors. V will also be developed into a video game, as well as other multimedia platforms.

Personally, I am a bit skeptical about this one (look what happened to Bionic Woman). Original creator Kenneth Johnson is not involved with this. It seems like he's pushing for a sequel not a remake, based on his recently produced novel V : The Second Generation.

We'll see how it goes.. what do u guys think?

WEB : The news headline that crack me up today..

Say whaaaat?