TV : They Are Back!

After a 'brief' hiatus, we finally get our Heroes fix, and WHOA!.. it's big. Simply said, Episode 19 is the best episode yet. Seems to me that every episode keeps getting better and better. The latest episode really showed that the script have gotten better with more drama and suspense and... GASP!.. even a death or two. Well I think some of my Heroes buddies (yes you, Sha & Zack) could well be devastated by this episode. It is sad.. but you'll never know what lies in the future. For me, as long as this one particular character (*cough*Claire*cough*) is alive, it's all good. :)


Hey you..!! Long time no see. Now, why the angry face, huh? Come on, it's been a while.. Can't you at least give a little smile..

Now.. that's more like it. Isn't that sweet.. :) You can do better than that...

Ok.. now you're scaring me...

Oh.. so that's what Caligula can do. Neat.

The battle. Nope, that's not THE scar.

The cliffhanger... Damn, Episode 20 is going to be awesome!

Filem 'Indie' mainstream Malaysia yang pertama?

Dah lama tak menulis dalam bahasa Melayu.. jadi aku tulis di sini.

Aku terserempak dengan laman web filem ni secara tak sengaja. Mungkin ada yang dah tahu, tapi aku tak tahu.. jadi aku nak bagitahu kepada orang yang tak tahu macam aku. Filem ni, secara kasar nampak macam filem biasa, tapi ada beberapa perkara yang buat aku tertarik..

  • > Ada Eman Manan. Bukan sebagai pelakon utama, tetapi sebagai pelakon pembantu. Watak ketua jahat. Hmmm...

  • > Skrip oleh Adlin Aman Ramlie. Juga bertindak sebagai penolong pengarah.

  • > Roslan Aziz sebagai pengarah muzik. Setahu aku ini kali pertama.. mungkin aku silap.

  • > Asalnya sebuah telemovie. Tapi dipindahkan ke format 35mm dari DV setelah kerajaan Malaysia membeli sebuah alat Jerman berbunyi Melayu, Kini Transfer.

  • > Ada babak sedut cocaine dengan hidung macam filem-filem gangster Coppolla, Scorcese dll.

  • > Tagline filem ini 'Dari Remaja untuk Remaja', walaupun pengarahnya dah berusia 31 tahun. Dan aku pasti penulis skrip, penerbit dan pengarah muziknya juga bukan remaja.

  • > Pengarahnya Shadan Hashim sudah pernah mengarah sebuah filem sebelum ini. Pernah dengar "Cinta 200 Ela"..??

  • > Pada permulaan trailer filem ini, ayat pertama yang dipaparkan adalah 'Sebuah Filem Indie Shadan Hashim'. Malah dalam kenyataan pengarahnya pada laman web ada menyatakan genre filem ini adalah 'indie'. Owww, aku baru tahu 'indie' itu adalah satu genre..

  • > Lagu pada trailer filem ini, walaupun disunting dan digelungkan (looping?), aku tetap kenal, ianya lagu Destiny's Child. Roslan Aziz ke yang cipta lagu tu...?

dan yang paling menarik..

  • > Penerbit filem ni -> Raja Azmi. Dah lama dia tak menerbitkan samp... err.. filem.

Cukup 10 sebab. Kalau lebih-lebih, aku terasa macam Akmal Abdullah pula; mengulas sebelum menonton.

Persepsi aku yang pertama tentang filem ini?
Ada resepi untuk hancur, tetapi mungkin akan disukai 'remaja'. Aku cuma nak tengok reaksi penerbitnya kalau filem ini dikritik. Kalau filem orang lain merosak budaya, mungkin filem remajanya bertemakan dadah dan alkohol ini boleh memaparkan budaya kita yang sebenar.

Secara jujurnya, ikhlas dari hati, aku mengharapkan filem ini berjaya. Aku harap filem ini tidak jadi seperti tajuknya;... HARU BIRU.

pautan ke laman web rasmi di sini --> HaruBiruMovie

trailer filemnya. Fast loading ----> Trailer
CARI forum ---> Forum

MUSIC: How To Expand Your Music Collection - Secrets Revealed

I've been asked so many times by friends and colleagues, "Where the hell did u get [insert artists, band or album name] album??" Well, sure there's Torrent and Limewire application. If you have a very high speed internet connection and if you're not behind firewall, you could very well use these applications. But P2P depends on the seeders mainly; if somebody's not sharing, you'll probably be stuck about a month on 98.2%.

Well readers, here's some links where you could directly download music, albums, videos or whatever. Most of these sites are on blogspot. These sites only provide links; the actual contents are placed in an online storage sites like rapidshare, savefile, badongo etc. So I guess blogspot doesn't mind as long as their server is safe. As usual, if you like the albums, buy the original copy... Bookmark these sites and start DL-ding now..!

- The first place to go to find Malay songs / albums.
- Suggested DL : Man Utd Theme Song. Come on you reds..!!

- Another Malay blog.
- Suggested DL : LP new album.

- Full of live albums, demos, rare radio performances. Blog is in Spanish.
- Suggested DL : PJ Harvey live in London 1993.

- Live albums, very rare tracks and demos.
- Suggested DL : Radiohead Unplugged.

- All things indie. Blog is in Spanish.
- Suggested DL : Weezer - Pinkerton

- One of my fave; has nice categories such as Monday Morning Live, Cover of The Week, B-Side of The Week etc.
- Suggested DL : Chris Cornell - Yahoo Live Set 2007

- Wide collection of pop, rock and old classic albums. Blog is in Spanish.
- Suggested DL : Norah Jones- Not Too Late

- Indonesian and international albums download. Categorized by artistes.
- Suggested DL : Silverchair - Young Modern

- The name says it all. You could possibly find any major Indonesian album releases here. They share everything here including.. errr.. x-rated videos. So, be warned.
- Suggested DL : Naif -Televisi

- Categorized by genre of music. Check out their soundtrack section. Blog is in Spanish.
- Suggested DL : Grindhouse OST

- links and more links to other music blogs.
- Suggested DL : Smashing Pumpkins - Demos

- Another spanish music blog.
- Suggested DL : Travis - Boy With No Name

- Another spanish music blog. Lot's of albums from rare indie bands and britpop.
- Suggested DL : Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before..

- Another spanish music blog. (..seriously, the Latinos are on to something here)
- Suggested DL : My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realize

- Downloads and album reviews. In English, in case you're wondering.
- Suggested DL : The National - Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers

- Very very rare and hard to get albums from France and some Scandinavian countries. Reviews are in English.
- Suggested DL : Miguel Samiez - Bluescape

- Metal,Metal,Metal!! Sorted by category such as Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Doom Metal, Gothic Metal etc.
- Suggested DL : Alice in Chains - Music Bank

- Another rock music blog. This blog compile links from other blogs.
- Suggested DL : Faith No More - The Real Thing

- Punk Ska & Oi albums. Indie and mainstreams.
- Suggested DL : The Stooges - The Complete Funhouse Sessions

.. so there you have it. There are actually thousands more of these music web. Just check out their link sections and you'll be scouring and DL-ding music for months. NON-STOP. I know I did..

SPORTS: The Sweet Smell of Success


Sound sweet in every language...
The treble is near.


FILM : Grindhouse Babes!

A few more days before the most anticipated movie of 2007 (..for me), Tarantino and Rodriguez's 'Grindhouse' hits the US theater. Added a little countdown on the sidebar courtesy of So a few more days before we get to see the.. err, emm,.. well, the bootleg version of the movie! Woohoo..!!

So while we wait with bated breath, check out this Maxim photoshoot of the Grindhouse Babes. Mary Elizabeth Winstead looks awesome. This movie is going to kill..!!

*if you can't see the pictures, click here.

*pics from

Music : My Current Playlist (Mac-Apr)

I've been very busy lately, rarely got time to update my blog. If you've been watching any local news and read the newspapers recently, chances are you might heard about the opening of a certain center in KL Sentral. I was very involved in that project and other things. Just finished taking my 2 days off (a much needed break) and enjoying every minute of it. Going through that time, listed below is my playlist; - music that I listen to regularly in my car stereo, my computer, on my discman, at home and almost everywhere, throughout those busy moments.

  • Dewa 19 - Kerajaan Cinta
- Repackage album with 2 new super songs, Dewi and Mati Aku Mati. There are also new, heavier versions of Roman Picisan, Separuh Nafas, Kangen and Angin and also 8 songs from Republik Cinta. Favourite line while completing those tight deadline? The chorus for Mati Aku Mati, "...Mati aku! Oh...oh! Mati Aku! Gila...!!". Hehehe..

  • Korn - MTV Unplugged
- Korn = Gypsy Kings? Check out the calypso version of Blind. Sometimes funny, sometimes cool, this album worth a listen. With guest vocalist from Amy Lee and the Godfather of Goth, Robert Smith.

  • Janis Joplin - 18 Essential Songs
- Essentials. Classics. Gems. The best female hard rock/soul vocalist ever.

  • Norah Jones - Not Too Late
- Soothing voice, pacifying music for those moments that needed some comforting. Makes you forget that you're stuck in your cubicle.

  • Radiohead - Acoustic Sessions & More
- The intro for No Suprises bring goosebumps to me. Sing along in the office tunes.