TV : The Only Smile From Claire in Episode 17

Claire Bennet. From Episode 17 of Heroes. The best episode ever (well, up till now anyway).

JURNAL : Trusting Your Gut-Feelings

In case you were wondering, I just came back from a week-long holiday in my beloved Aloq Staq. Dah lama aku tak cuti panjang di kampung.. sekali-sekala rehat panjang sket. Kalau nak diikutkan pun aku balik kampung 3 kali aja setahun. The truth is, I just missed my mother a lot.. Ayah dah takde, so she's all I got.

Sebelum balik hari tu, aku ada this strange feeling yang mmg aku tersangat, sangat perlu balik cuti panjang di kampung. Sbb kalau nak diikutkan, initial plan aku mmg nak balik KL by Monday last week. But my gut feeling told me differently. Dan syukur kerana aku ikut gerak hati aku..

Pada tengah malam Khamis minggu lepas, mak aku dimasukkan ke ICU. FYI, dia ada masalah biasa orang-orang yang berumur macam dia; darah tinggi, jantung dan kencing manis - the complete set. On that night, dia mengadu kat aku yg dia pening kepala dan sakit dada. Di rumah aku di kampung, hanya ada mak aku dan pembantu rumah. So that is why I'm so thankful that I was there that night. Kalau takde orang untuk drive mak aku ke hospital, I don't know what will happen.. And I don't even want to think about it.

Mak aku dah di discharge dari ward on Sunday. Nothing major, just a minor scare. She's fine now.. Alhamdulillah. But she do needs some rest. And in case you were wondering, aku tak pergi tengok konsert Muse walaupun aku boleh pergi dan sebelum ni mmg aku nak sangat pergi. The weird thing is this - that same gut feeling, told me even before I went back to Alor Star, that I should not and will not attend the concert. Even before that, there's always this strong feeling of hesitation and reluctancy inside of me. Once again, I was glad I made the right decision.

Coincidence? The point is - God works in mysterious ways. Pay more attention to your 'gut-feeling'. The funny feeling in the pit of your stomach or the feeling of the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end are ways of your body telling you that something is very wrong. Just as a yawn is a signal that you're tired, and a sneeze the sign of an impending cold; your 'gut-feeling' is a life indicator. Learn to embrace this God-given self instinct. Never ignore it.

Music : My Current Playlist (Jan-Feb)

My current playlist; - music that I listen to regularly in my car stereo, my computer, on my discman, at home and almost everywhere, throughout this month and last month.

  • Muse - The Complete Discography
- from Showbiz to Black Holes & Revelations. A warm-up to their upcoming concert maybe? Maybe, just maybe...

  • Van Halen - The Complete Discography
- I love this band so very fuckin' much. Lee Roth or Hagar? I prefer them both. Remember those Stryker electric guitar that Eddie Van Halen used to play? I have it. :)

  • Probot - Probot
- Dave Grohl heavy metal side project. He played all the instruments with guest vocals from Lemmy Kilmister, Max Cavalera and King Diamond. Sweet.

  • Primus - They Can't All Be Zingers
- The very best of Primus. Les Claypool is THE best bass player in the world. Trash-funk anyone?

  • Nas - Hip Hop is Dead
- Escobar is back, now on former 'enemy' Jay-Z's Def Jam label. Not his best album, but the trademark strong, thought-provoking lyrics was still intact.

  • George Michael - Twentyfive
- 3 CD of his best work, from those Wham! days up till now. I personally think that George Michael is one of the best pop male vocalist ever.

  • Bloc Party - A Weekend in The City
- Bloc Party latest album. A bit more mellow than their last super album Silent Alarm, but definitely more focused and mature.

  • Sepultura - The Best Of Sepultura
- Biotech is Godzilla!! Perfect for those rockstar antics in my car.

  • Johnny Cash- The Legend of Johnny Cash
- The original Men In Black greatest hits album. His deep, almost scary voice is a perfect chill-pill for me when I needed to have a relaxing driving.

  • Various Artistes - Battle of The Bands (Round 1 and 2)
- The now legendary local rock album. Seriously, rock music compilation has never been this good. After this album was released, everybody wanted to be in a rock band. The album every rock fan should own.

TV : Hayden Panettiere - The Girl With The Smile

If you think Wolverine is tough and can heal fast, then he obviously haven't had the chance to face Claire Bennet, a high school cheerleader who suddenly learns that she can't be injured.

She's one of the title characters in Heroes, and if she looks familiar, that's because she's played by Hayden Panettiere, the 17-year-old actress (barely legal) who has been acting since the age of 5, appearing on television shows like Malcolm in the Middle and Ally McBeal and starring in hit movies like Racing Stripes & Raising Helen.

I personally think that one of the reason why Heroes is so likeable is because of this girl's smile. I like how her whole face lights up when she flashes her 'senyum kambing'. I had downloaded her latest movie The Architect recently, and I can tell you, that this girl got some serious acting chops. She's destined for bigger things.. And for the record, I recently purchased the DVD for Bring It On : All Or Nothing (she's in it). That 10 minutes bloopers & extras of Hayden and nothing else, was worth all my money.. :)

She's also a triple threat; besides TV and movies, she will be coming out with her debut album on May 2007. She's been singing all her life and recorded several singles for various films such as The Ice Princess and Tiger Cruise. She was even nominated for a Grammy in 2000 for Best Spoken Word Album for Children.

My favourite Hayden's scene in Heroes, so far has got to be in Episode 8; the scene where she was drawing the Homecoming banner as her father, Mr. Bennet looks on...

She looks very innocent, full of anticipation and excitement towards her school homecoming dance without a hint that her so-called father is keeping a very dark and sinister secret from her. You could see from the way her tongue swirled that she was actually just like any other teenage girl, except of course for the curse of having a super power.

Noticing that her father is staring blindly at her, she turns around and playfully ask 'What?,' and flashes her beaming smile. And by that one single smile, and that one over the shoulder look.. that scene was unforgettable.

Here's another picture of her at the GQ Magazine 2006 Awards. She looks stunning and stylish, definitely far more mature than her real age. Hayden seems to be moving in the right direction with her career. Let's hope that when Hayden turns legal this August, She won't be joining the skanky club of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Brintney Spears. Just don't let Hollywood eat you up and stay away from those girls, please..

I'm feeling a little bit dirty.. I'm going to wash my hands.

* pictures are taken from this site.