Journey / Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) - The Greatest Music Video Ever.

Journey - Separate Ways

I love Journey. There's no 2-way about it, I just freakin' love 'em. The song above is probably one of their best song, and definitely my all-time favourite (.. I even made it as my ringtone).

The music video - now that's something else. It's the epitome of 80's rock music videos. The one that defines it. Everything good and awesomely bad things that you can think of an 80's music videos are all present here. This video definitely rules the freakin' universe!

If you need a reason to watch it, I'll give you one. Heck, I'll give you 12! :
  1. Air guitar, bass, drums AND keyboards at the beginning of the video. Plus points for the keyboard player for making nasty rock faces.
  2. Steve Perry's giving constant orgasmic face while singing.
  3. Steve Perry's awesome mullet.
  4. Tight high-waisted jeans.
  5. 80's trademark group camera-mugging shot at 01:15.
  6. Keyboard on the wall at 01:34. Awesome!
  7. Chick with leather skirt and big hair at 02:05.
  8. The location - looks like an abandoned IKEA factory.
  9. The solo drum fill at 02:36.
  10. 80's trademark group head-turning shot at 02:52.
  11. Headless Steinberger's bass guitar at 03:15. Cool!
  12. Unnecessary slow-mo sequence at 03:37.
And for those reasons my friends, this music video is quite possibly the most rockin', awesome, spectacular, greatest music video in the history of all living things. If you don't like the video, or Journey's music for that matter, than you should go fuck yourself. Simple as that.


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