TV : They Are Back!

After a 'brief' hiatus, we finally get our Heroes fix, and WHOA!.. it's big. Simply said, Episode 19 is the best episode yet. Seems to me that every episode keeps getting better and better. The latest episode really showed that the script have gotten better with more drama and suspense and... GASP!.. even a death or two. Well I think some of my Heroes buddies (yes you, Sha & Zack) could well be devastated by this episode. It is sad.. but you'll never know what lies in the future. For me, as long as this one particular character (*cough*Claire*cough*) is alive, it's all good. :)


Hey you..!! Long time no see. Now, why the angry face, huh? Come on, it's been a while.. Can't you at least give a little smile..

Now.. that's more like it. Isn't that sweet.. :) You can do better than that...

Ok.. now you're scaring me...

Oh.. so that's what Caligula can do. Neat.

The battle. Nope, that's not THE scar.

The cliffhanger... Damn, Episode 20 is going to be awesome!


  1. Iced Nyior said...

    cepat la kuar next episode!! so addicted to this show

  2. Anonymous said...

    wooo! hayden! the only reason i watch this show. haha!

  3. sHa shinizzle said...

    the final scene tue wat aku fidgety on my seat. maner taknyer. OMG past!Hiro meets future!Hiro. I hope Hiro won't becomes one of those slightly insane hero yang try to fix everything, and in the end fuck up everything... that would be sad...

    btw ko ader dengar rumours tak yg ckp Heroes 2nd season (aku hampir2 ndak tertaip 2nd sem la plaks) the plot will be different with different casts. though aku raser Tim Kring akan kekalkan certain characters. so it will be more 24-ish rather than Lost-ish

  4. Zack said...

    Heck, Edd, you've beaten me to it. Terpaksa la aku delete some screencaps yang aku dah upload, hehe...

  5. Anonymous said...

    ..hehhee..heroessssss...i got info about heroes 2

  6. Edd Vedder said...

    hi new friends.. iced nyior, kamarul and suehana. Make urself at home.

    yup, dah mmg confirm. Tim Kring dah mentioned dlm interview. Actually bagus jugak mcm tu. At least kita boleh jumpa banyak lagi character dan storyline yg mind-bending. Aku cuma harap dia kekalkan satu character aja.. *wink*wink*

    Err.. why do u have to delete the screencaps if I'd beaten u to this post? *konfius*.

  7. Zack said...

    Maksud aku, dah ada gambar yang sama la (Claire la, sapa lagi), so tak nak la post Heroes kita ni macam overlapping (walaupun aku tinggalkan gambar Linderman tu) :)

    Aku cuma harap dia kekalkan satu character aja..

    Make that Sylar. Please.

  8. sHa shinizzle said...

    Aku cuma harap dia kekalkan satu character aja..

    my money on incik Peter.
    ngan Mohinder.
    and maybe, MAYBE Hiro.
    And maybe Nathan too.
    And Claire too, that if the big screen doesn't lure her first.


  9. Edd Vedder said...

    aku dah agak mmg pasal Claire. I don't mind kalau overlap 2-3 kali pun gambar dia. :)

    satu character.. erm.. that means ONE only. hehe.

    Hayden pernah ckp dlm interview, selagi ada watak Claire selagi tu la dia akan berlakon dlm Heroes walaupun dia dh dpt banyak movie offer. Sekarang semua bergantung kepada Tim Kring.

    You know what, wouldn't it be awesome kalau certain characters dlm Season 1 tak mati.. tapi x muncul dlm Season 2. And then Season 2 will introduce ramai characters baru. Lepas tu Season 3 nanti heroes from both of the seasons bergabung untuk fight the evil forces...?

    Damn, I should've said something to Tim Kring!

  10. sHa shinizzle said...

    dude, dah tgk blom ep arinie? bapak laa wehhhh~ terasa ndak jumping from my seat tgk ep 20 tue. hyperventilate mode!

    Claire nmpk sgt lain! dan respek aku kat Sylar berlipat ganda (in twisted way kinda respect) the bess ep so far.

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