TV : The Only Smile From Claire in Episode 17

Claire Bennet. From Episode 17 of Heroes. The best episode ever (well, up till now anyway).


  1. sHa shinizzle said...

    *bloghopping wll the way from mamaikmal dot blogspot dot com*

    adorkable betul, terasa ndak cubit jerk :D

    and I can't wait for the next ep. waah Claire ngan incik Haitian ndak pegi roadtrip ker?

  2. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Oi, pergi tengok 300 nanti! The first contender for best of 2007 SURELY has arrived... with style.

  3. Edd Vedder said...

    welkam my Heroes Fan friend..hehe. Adorkable? Perfect description. :)

    X sabar nak tgk ep. 18.. Nk tgk Claire ngan Haitian Guy.. and apa kejadahnya dgn Mr Bennet dan Eric Roberts tu..

    dgr citer Linderman akan muncul dlm ep. 18? *Shhhh!*


  4. Edd Vedder said...

    perlu ke aku tgk 300 kat wayang? Sbb aku paling frust kalau citer yg best kena potong gila2 dgn LPF. Dan 300 mmg confirm kena trim sbb banyak violence scenes.. Tapi whatever pun.. mmg sure aku akan tgk jugak.

  5. Nazim Masnawi said...

    No, dood. Aku tengok screening dia pagi tadi. Adegan gasak LANGSUNG takde potong (even this particular explicit slow-mo beheaded scene); only a couple of nudity & some sex scenes je yang tak lepas. Lepas habis, we were talking with Warner officials, dia ckp mmg cut ni jugaklah yg akan keluar panggung. Warner syaratkan potong tiga adegan je, dan LPF – bersama sedikit "wang saguhati" - tunduk mengikut perintah.

    P/S: The film was very good by the way. I was expecting to be more over the top - holds no barred punya stail - tapi it end up being a pulp version of swords & sandals punya flick. Still kicks a huge amount of ass though.

  6. sHa shinizzle said...

    even this particular explicit slow-mo beheaded scene

    I am so going to watch 300 at cinema!

  7. Edd Vedder said...

    if what you're sayin' is true.. then let's go to the cinema baby!!

    you like slo-mo beheading scenes, dontcha, u freak? hahaha.

  8. Zack said...

    Haha, double date la kita tgk 300 nanti! wakakakak! Err, Nazim, kau beli popcorn dua ye, sebab aku kuat makan.

    PS: Still lum tengok Episode 17. PC aku masuk workshop skali lagi, dajal nya spyware!

  9. Edd Vedder said...

    PC aku masuk workshop skali lagi..

    ..patut la sonyap ajo.

  10. sHa shinizzle said...

    Edd, I can eat maggie sambil tengok Saw. hahaha

    ep Heroes ep 18, dah tengok kan? bess giler, maser Claire jumper her grandma for the 1st time - terasa cam ndak peluk jerk macik tue. hihihi. and I was meaning to ask this - gamba avatar ko tue bkn Bert McCracken ker? sbb aku asyik dok tringat vidclip The Used - All That I've Got biler tengok avatar tue. hehehe

  11. Edd Vedder said...

    I can eat maggie sambil tengok Saw.

    - you are a freak Sha. :)

    Ep. 18 best giler kan? Tak sangka Mohinder actually tahu pasal Sylar menyamar. And what about that new chick, Candice Wilmer? Her powers is very useful indeed. Dh mcm Mystique dlm X-Men la plak.

    avatar ko tue bkn Bert McCracken ker?

    ..errr, Bert who? That is actually myself, in a hat, looking mysterious. With a dash of Photoshop of course. :)

  12. sHa shinizzle said...

    I have this nagging feeling Mohinder mmg tau psl Sylar maser dier first time jumper Zane Taylor. sbb ader satu line nie - "it would be like, like denying your brown eyes" he said with somesort of anxious. (or maybe aku terlebih speculate sensorg kot, hahaha)

    Candice? no, not like Mystique. aku raser more like cam dier ader power anak Striker (X2) yg bley manipulate reality with illusion. that actress seems familiar though...

    btw Bert tue frontman The Used. tp seriyes avatar tue mmg wat aku tringat kat vd All That I've Got (vc yg secara otometik membuatkan aku changed mind about guys wearing eyeliners sbb vc tue nmpk bebudak tue sungguh dayum~! :D)

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