Music : My Current Playlist (Jan-Feb)

My current playlist; - music that I listen to regularly in my car stereo, my computer, on my discman, at home and almost everywhere, throughout this month and last month.

  • Muse - The Complete Discography
- from Showbiz to Black Holes & Revelations. A warm-up to their upcoming concert maybe? Maybe, just maybe...

  • Van Halen - The Complete Discography
- I love this band so very fuckin' much. Lee Roth or Hagar? I prefer them both. Remember those Stryker electric guitar that Eddie Van Halen used to play? I have it. :)

  • Probot - Probot
- Dave Grohl heavy metal side project. He played all the instruments with guest vocals from Lemmy Kilmister, Max Cavalera and King Diamond. Sweet.

  • Primus - They Can't All Be Zingers
- The very best of Primus. Les Claypool is THE best bass player in the world. Trash-funk anyone?

  • Nas - Hip Hop is Dead
- Escobar is back, now on former 'enemy' Jay-Z's Def Jam label. Not his best album, but the trademark strong, thought-provoking lyrics was still intact.

  • George Michael - Twentyfive
- 3 CD of his best work, from those Wham! days up till now. I personally think that George Michael is one of the best pop male vocalist ever.

  • Bloc Party - A Weekend in The City
- Bloc Party latest album. A bit more mellow than their last super album Silent Alarm, but definitely more focused and mature.

  • Sepultura - The Best Of Sepultura
- Biotech is Godzilla!! Perfect for those rockstar antics in my car.

  • Johnny Cash- The Legend of Johnny Cash
- The original Men In Black greatest hits album. His deep, almost scary voice is a perfect chill-pill for me when I needed to have a relaxing driving.

  • Various Artistes - Battle of The Bands (Round 1 and 2)
- The now legendary local rock album. Seriously, rock music compilation has never been this good. After this album was released, everybody wanted to be in a rock band. The album every rock fan should own.


  1. Zack said...

    Aku pun dok dgr balik Muse’s Absolution and their latest one (aku biased dengar Starlight & Black Holes berulang kali), walaupun memang SAH aku takleh nak gi. :( Sigh… bak kata sorang kawan aku di Friendster ni (yang aku rasa dia memang nak pergi la), "takkan la aku nak kena gi London sebab nak tengok Muse main live?"

    Word on George Michael! I just wished that I’m not that judgemental in appreciating his awesome tunes coz I keep imagining his so-called in-the-toilet antics.

  2. Edd Vedder said...

    Muse tickets was sold out in one day! The next day, kawan aku baru nak gi beli.. so, I don't have to spell it for you, sama ada aku pegi atau tidak kan??? Fark.

    George Michael is awesome. Forget about his sexual preferences; his music and his voice.. that's what it's all about.

    What's ur fave GM song? For me? Kissing A Fool.

  3. Zack said...

    Sold out in one day? Shite. Itu baru Muse, belum MCR lagi. *geleng kepala*

    As for GM, aku suka:
    To A Child (w/out the Jesus part)
    Fastlove (sexay gila)
    dan ahem, Last XMas.

  4. Nadia said...

    GM & faith sgt seksi (dan limp bizkit telah memusnahkan segalanya!)...(yup, forget about kekeliruan george dengan jantinanya itu..hehe..). and yes, who could ignore keluh kesah seorang jejaka di hari krismas yg telah lalu?...

    in-the-toilet je? aku dok imagine yg kat park..heh..

  5. Edd Vedder said...

    zack, nadia..
    "Faith" sexay? "I Want Your Sex" lagi sexy..hehe.

    Last X'mas is a classic. Mcm Careless Whisper. Tapi lagu Wham faveret aku.. "Wake Me Up Before U Go Go"..! Aku x peduli kalau org ketawakan aku, tapi kalau lagu tu keluar kat radio.. confirm aku nyanyi mcm orang gila. hehe..

  6. maddox said...

    correct me if I am wrong, tapi toilet tu was in the park rite? so, sama aje kot.

    Whatever it is Careless Whisper is the best for me.. not to forget Fastlove.

  7. Nadia said...

    betuiii!wake me up tu buat aku rase mude semule..hehehe...(ye la tuuuu)

  8. Nadia said...

    u r right, i was wrong. haha..korang ni mmg kipas-susah-mati GM lah! heheheh..;-)

  9. Edd Vedder said...

    nadia, maddox..
    sebenarnya GM kena tangkap 'khalwat' 2 kali. First time masa tahun 1998, kat public toilet dgn polis undercover. The second time kat Hamsptead Heath park dgn seorang pemandu van buncit. Hehe..

    Nampaknya, aku mmg kipas-susah-mati GM..!

  10. Iron Board said...

    Sepultura...? Dah lama aku tak dgr band ni siot...! Now that u've mentioned it, aku dah nak start download lagu diaorg. Anyway, aku paling suka diaorg time "Beneath The Remain" days...

  11. Nazim Masnawi said...

    True. GM is one of the most solid male vocalists of all time; right up there with Freddie Mercury and Elton John (during his '70s heydays). No shit, I think even a keroncong tune shouldn't be a problem for 'im.

    P/S: And, yeah, check out the new issue of Pengantin. Lisa Surihani has made sorta like a pseudo announcement about our relationship. Don't believe me? Go read her detail descriptions about her squeeze.

  12. Edd Vedder said...

    weh Nazim AKA bugsy malone..
    apa jadi ngan blog kau? Kat mana lagi aku nak cari tempat utk aku postkan useless comments aku selain daripada that useless blog..?

    P/S: U read Pengantin? Fapping to those wedding gown pictures again, eh?

  13. Zack said...

    Aku baru nak tanya soalan yang sama. wtf happened to your blog man?

  14. Iron Board said...

    NM satu hal....

    kau pun sama Edd, naper lama tak post entri...???

  15. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Ei, Edd, kau gi konsert Muse semalam?

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