Golden Globes is here..

Cowboys & Crooners Grab Top Globes
January 16, 2006

Country cowboys and Nashville crooners were the big winners at Monday night's 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards as 'Brokeback Mountain' and 'Walk the Line' strode away with the evening's top honors.

Broadcast live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, the Golden Globes are voted on by members of the Hollywood Foreign Press and have traditionally been a strong precursor to who may win at the Oscars.

Nominated for a total of seven awards, 'Brokeback' rode away with four statuettes, topped with the Best Motion Picture - Drama trophy. The gay-themed cowboy drama, starring HEATH LEDGER and JAKE GYLLENHAAL, also won Best Screenplay, Best Original Song and Best Director, ANG LEE, who said, "Getting this award for this movie from 'The Man' [presenter CLINT EASTWOOD] is too much ... I think this is an amazing year for American cinema."

The JOHNNY CASH biopic, 'Walk the Line,' was named Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy, and three-time nominee REESE WITHERSPOON won her first-ever Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy statuette for her role as JUNE CARTER in 'Walk the Line.' She beat out such stars as SARAH JESSICA PARKER, LAURA LINNEY and KEIRA KNIGHTLEY. The blonde actress had family first and foremost on her mind, thanking hubby RYAN PHILLIPPE for flying in from a movie set in Canada to be with her, saying, "Nothing is worth having in life if I don't have you to share it with."

Apparently losing a bet to Phillippe, JOAQUIN PHOENIX won the Best Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy statuette for his spot-on portrayal of Cash, beating such heady competition as JOHNNY DEPP, NATHAN LANE and PIERCE BROSNAN. "Who would ever have thought that I'd win in the Comedy and Musical category," he smiled, dedicating his win "to John and June for sharing their life with all of us."

An emotional "Desperate Housewives" star FELICITY HUFFMAN earned the Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama award for her courageous turn as a transsexual in 'Transamerica.' The actress saluted the transgender men and women "who brave ostracism ... and live on the margins," and announced, "The second time I didn't work for a year, I gave up any dream that looked like this."

PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN was singled out by the Foreign Press for his delicate-but-commanding turn as In Cold Blood author TRUMAN CAPOTE in 'Capote,' saying, "I just was given the best part of my life, and I know that. Thank you so much." A pregnant RACHEL WEISZ picked up the Best Supporting Actress statuette for her performance in 'The Constant Gardener,' and a somewhat surprised GEORGE CLOONEY picked up the Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture statuette for his role as a veteran CIA agent in 'Syriana,' a part for which he gained 30 pounds. "I thought PAUL GIAMATTI was going to win," said the slimmed-down star, who credited writer/director STEPHEN GAGHAN for "a screenplay that asks a lot of tough questions." -

Brokeback Mountain won! Finally Ang Lee gets the recognition he deserves. And all the buzz about Walk The Line is also true. Everyone that saw Transamerica said that Felicity Huffman will win a lot of awards this year ....and they are right. And Rachel Weisz..! Yes, a very well-deserved statuette for her.

Now that awards season is starting.. the anticipation and the excitement is starting to build up. Every year we the Malaysian viewers are stuck with watching award shows BEFORE we have the privillege to watch the nominated films. So it kinda' builds up our anticipation and sets our hope really high. It's great if the movie was awesome, but if it was the other way around, we'll get more frustrated. So, go figure..
All I know is my expectation is definitely high now for 'Walk The Line'...

.....and don't u just love Geena Davis 'little girl' speech in last night Golden Globe? ..haha.


  1. Nadia said...

    brokeback mountain tu dah kena banned kat sini kan? heh..
    anyway, aku dah ada cd nirvana yg boxset tu...heheheheh...;-)

  2. Edd Vedder said...

    Nad..!!! Arghh..!!

    ..ko beli kat speedy mid valley ke? Aku tanya towkeh kedai tu dia cakap boxset tu ada satu je.. kalau nak kena order..

    .. i hate u.
    .. :(

  3. Zack said...

    Edd, bakpe susah2 beli? Download ajelah?

    btw, aku malas nak tgk, cuma masa bukak TV, ternampak muka Cillian Murphy yg jambu tuh. And, yes, Felicity Huffman mg deserve that award. U gotta see it to believe it!

  4. Edd Vedder said...
  mmg boleh. Tapi tak feel aa.. takde booklet, kotak ngan DVD dia. hehe.

    ..mmg akan aku tengok Transamerica. and Walk The Line, Syriana, Capote, Good Night Good Luck..dll. Wah! Banyak kena tgk ni..

    ..semalam Superman baru si Brandon Routh tu pun ada jadi presenter.. Judging from the looks, mmg mamat ni akan digilai oleh ramai gadis. Muka cari makan beb..!

  5. Nadia said...

    aku beli version yg dah dirompak la..;-)heehhehehe..mana ada 'box' nye pun...aku dengar lagu2nye je.

    p/s: kalo pj, most likely aku akan berhabis duit.;-)

  6. JIMI said...

    Edd, Ang Lee must be recognized for his own creative direction this time. It is about time. After all, he is a one prominent director who actually has touched different facet of life. From the beautiful period of where Jane Austen was(Sense and Sensibility, to martial arts-romeojulliet-chinese period(Crouching) to imaginative The Hulk. Not to mention his earlier works.

    Like you too, ia m eager to see whats the nomination like for the Oscar. Im predicting Reese, Felicity Huffman for leading category. So far, already watched Geisha, Transamerica, History of Violance, Elizabethtown. Looking for Capote and Brokeback Mountain.

    And, i will be reviewing my Oscar reviews like previous years.

  7. Zack said...

    Edd, penulis surat khabar BH menggelar Brokeback Mountain 'filem cinta songsang'/ 'filem cinta sejenis'.


    Apa term yg politically correct agaknya?

    Filem koboi homoseksual?

  8. Edd Vedder said...

    cheh! baru ingat nak pinjam. hikhik.

    Ang Lee is one of the most prolific director ever. He tackles so many genres that shows his versatility. I believe this is his year. My favourite movie of his is still The Ice Storm (..haven't seen Brokeback Mountain yet).

    Politically correct term should be 'Unconventional Love'. Tak tahu la sampai bila rakyat Malaysia boleh terima film yg bersubjek taboo. Kena ban kat wayang M'sia kan citer ni? Diaorang ingat semua lelaki akan ikut jadi gay cowboy selepas tengok citer ni ke? It's a love story. That's it. Deal with your emotions people..

  9. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Man, Brokeback Mountain is, no doubt, going to win the Best Picture Oscar. This is a bigger lock than Titanic or The Return of the King.

  10. Edd Vedder said...

    I'll take your word for it man..

  11. Nadia said...

    tapi aku tak sanggup nak nengok heath...arghhhhh!!...tidakkkkk!!!

  12. Edd Vedder said...

    aku percaya ko akan lebih teruja dgn kisah cinta yg ditonjolkan daripada THE scene itself..

    ..tapi mungkin aku sendiri yg x sanggup nak tengok those scenes tu nanti.. haha.!

  13. Nadia said...

    takpe la kot. tetibe jadik malu plak. haha.

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