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What does Paul Anka, Soundgarden and Nirvana have in common? This freakin' album! Yes, you heard me right. Paul Anka, legendary songwriter and crooner, master pioneer in big band music is taking classic rock music and turning it into great swing singalong extravaganza. You would probably be saying '..wait, Pat Boone already did this rock to swing covers many moons ago.' But Pat Boone did a crappy job while Paul Anka shine on this album. Just listen to Anka's compassionate and heartfelt cover of Eric Clapton's Tears In Heaven, or the bouncy Bon Jovi's It's My Life, or the haunting Everybody Hurts made popular by REM. His voice never sounded better, giving life to his version of every song. My favourite is definitely Blackhole Sun. The piano work on that track is very beautiful. The song just lingers on your ears and had me singing along in a second. Another one is Smell Like Teen Spirit (!) that had me understanding the song differently than I had ever known. This album is probably going to be the only swing/big band album that every rocker will own. And let me tell u.. it's worth it. Get ready to sing along with Mr Anka.

Track Listing :

1. It's My Life (O.A. : Bon Jovi)
2. True (O.A. : Spandau Ballet)
3. Eye Of The Tiger (O.A. : Survivor)
4. Everybody Hurts (O.A. : REM)
5. Wonderwall (O.A. : Oasis)
6. Blackhole Sun (O.A. : Soundgarden)
7. It's A Sin (O.A. : Depeche Mode)
8. Jump (O.A. : Van Halen)
9. Smells Like Teen Spirit (O.A. : Nirvana)
10. Hello (O.A. : Lionel Richie)
11. Eyes Without A Face (O.A. : Billy Idol)
12. The Lovecats (O.A. : The Cure)
13. The Way You Make Me Feel (O.A. : Michael Jackson)
14. Tears In Heaven (O.A. : Eric Clapton)

Also Listen To :
..anything by Richard Cheese. Richard Cheese is the MASTER of turning rap, rock, heavy metal, punk songs into lounge version and he does it very well. He did a cover on almost everyone ranging from Nirvana, System Of A Down, Linkin' Park, White Stripes.. to Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Fatboy Slim and even Britney Spears. Go find his album.


  1. Zack said...

    Wah lau eh!!
    Misti try dgr nih!

    'Go find his album.'

    You mean, go DOWNLOAD his songs, right? hehe... Life is soooo much fun with e-mule (dulu aku guna Kazaa).

  2. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Whatta hell?! Man, aku kena beli album ni!

  3. Edd Vedder said...

    hehe, u know what I mean. Tapi kalau album tu betul2 aku suka, mmg aku beli yg original. E-mule? Kazaa? So overated la.. Spyware banyak.. Torrent are the new wave of internet downloading.. I use Bitlord to get the 'job' done.. :)

    That's how u really do it.. BELI album tu.

  4. Nadia said...

    hang biaq betui? hole sun? paul anka? husyyy..rare! aku akan carik. mana ko beli ha?

  5. Edd Vedder said...

    mana aku beli? Err.. rujuk comment zack kat atas tu..hehe.

    ..aku ingat nak letak 2-3 lagu mp3 paul anka ngan richard cheese la.. nanti aku cari space.. boleh korang download..

  6. Nadia said...

    ceshhhh...malangnye aku ni jenih malas nak download. so, takpe lah. hehe.

  7. JIMI said...

    Nak lagu Everybody Hurts boleh tak? that is totally my fav from REM. Plzzzz

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