G&G stands for Good & Great..!

Today me and my significant other/trusted lifelong patner/girlfriend went to see ‘Gol & Gincu’ at GSC Cheras Leisure Mall. FYI, my girlfriend and I boleh la dikategorikan sebagai ‘kaki wayang’ or ‘movie buff’. Boleh dikatakan every month duit kitaorang habis tengok wayang aja. Dah minat nak buat camana kan.. Aku actually interested nak tengok G&G nie bila aku dengar dia dah release. Tapi aku tak berapa nak sure sbb aku ada ‘bad history’ sket ngan filem Melayu ni. (..tertipu). Tapi setelah aku baca banyak positive review from the newspaper, magazine, blog (..afdlin shauki really convinced me!!) and from the people who actually went to see G&G, aku pun decide la pegi tengok.

Not Bad.! Not bad at all. It is very refreshing to see this type of movie. I think it is that feel good movie that everyone is waiting to see. Bernard Chauly did an excellent job. The only thing that bothers me is that the plot ada sket persamaan dengan citer ‘Legally Blonde’ especially (SPOILER ALERT!) the scene where Putri and Eddy tengah dinner and suddenly Eddy decided to tell Putri that he wanted to break up and Putri thought Eddy wanted to talk about their engagement. (Remember that scene with Reese Witherspoon..?). But I guess a good story has to be told twice for people to appreciate it. I think the movie moves in a good pace, it doesn’t drag. The acting was all around quite good (Sazzy, Rafidah and that girl who played ‘J’ AKA Juita was quite impressive), the script was well written and the soundtrack is even better.

But most importantly bila aku keluar panggung, aku tak rasa macam pengarah filem tu dah insult aku punya intelligence. Aku rasa macam aku dah tengok satu filem yang menarik, simple and worth every RM22 (twin seats la..) of my money. That’s what important. So kudos to Bernard Chauly and his team. Although it’s not perfect but it is certainly better than filem pengarah/pensyarah tu yang dah buat 19 filem tapi takde satu pun yang boleh aku terima. By the way, don’t u think that he deserve some kind of world record for the most number of times a bad movie has been made from the same director within a short period of times.. I mean come on, 19 movies..?? Dia ingat buat roti canai ke..?? Somebody call Guiness World Record people quick! At least there’s something to be proud of him.

But then again, that’s just me… :)


  1. sultanmuzaffar said...

    agaknya bila dia dpt Guiness World of Record baru dia happy kot.

    dia tu dah dpt Prof Madya, masih belum puas. nak jugak orang panggil dia Prof. nak muntah rasanya Malaysia ada Prof macam tu.

  2. Edd Vedder said...

    haha.. mmg betul muzaffar. Gelaran Prof Madya yang dia pakai tu dah bagi bad reputation kepada semua Prof di Malaysia.

    ..kalau dia dapat Guiness World Record maybe dia puas. Tapi Apek David Teo pulak yang jeles nanti..


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