WEB : Not So Great News About Watchmen

New York Times reports that Warner Bros. have lost the case for WATCHMEN. According to the New York Times, a judge has claimed he intends to rule that 20th Century Fox do own a copyright interest in the Alan Moore graphic novel which dates back to the late 1980's. What this means for WATCHMEN is unclear at this point but Fox have previously made it known they seek to permanently block the movie from being released which now must be seen as a distinct possibility.


One of the likely scenario's from all this is 20th Century Fox winning a free massive summer campaign which they can release under their banner, despite all the hard work Warner Bros. have gone through, and reaping the majority if not all the rewards in the process.

Another interesting thing to consider is whether 20th Century Fox will have the final edit on Zack Snyder’s film and whether they will tweak and cut it however they like. How would Fox butcher a near 3 hour deconstruction of the superhero genre? That is scary.

I really, really hope they will find some sort of agreement and settle this matter out of court. Big money will be involved of course, but we can only hope that the movie will be released with Snyder's final cut. *fingers-crossed*


  1. fadz said...

    hopefully its not dat bad.. epi new year!

  2. Ajami Hashim said...

    hepi nu yer bro!

    eh! horrorisma kembali! hahaha!

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