JURNAL : Yes, I'm Romantic Like That..

This is a very personal entry..
It's my wife's birthday today. Her first time celebrating as a wife.

I just want to say.. Happy Birthday Yang. Thanks for being such a wonderful wife. Thanks for taking such a huge leap of faith with me.. emotionally, spiritually and financially. May Allah bless you with good health, longevity and all the great things in the world.

Luv Ya' !

This song is dedicated to her.
Every time I hear the chorus, I always think of her.

Download here


  1. Anonymous said...

    happy birthday to Mrs Edd Vedder! ;)

    and the birthdate fell on the same date Hellboy2 kuar. It's a sign, Edd. Ko kene pegi tengok dowh :D

    ps: the song makes me all mushy inside too...

  2. Edd Vedder said...

    thanks Sha..

    It's a sign untuk aku NOT to go and see Hellboy. Instead I should be enjoying myself in Genting Highlands this weekend. Woohoo..!!!

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