WEB: The Old New Kids Are Back On The Block!

As much as I hate to admit it, way before a little band called Nirvana came and changed my views on life (read all about it here), New Kids On The Block is THE band for me. There, I've said it.. I used to be a huge NKOTB fan, people. But at that time, who doesn't?

I got everything man.. the albums, the posters, the hats, the shirts, the buttons and the pins and the loud fanfares.. (if you're singing while you're reading, you're definitely a fan too!). I was a victim. But I guess every preteen is a victim when it comes to what's hot and what's not. After all, NKOTB sold 70 freakin' million albums. They were huge. So you can't blame me, right?

So by now, maybe you had already heard the news about their reunion. Yup, NKOTB has reunited and plans to release a new album and go on tour. The 'kids' are pushing 40, the youngest member is 35 years old. And probably, so are their fans.

I don't know how to react to this. I was kinda' excited. But so many years had gone by, so much things have changed, you kinda' get that awkward feeling. Maybe it's nostalgia. I don't know if the new material is going to be great or whether I will like it. Fans are excited probably because the group reminded them of their youth. But anyway, I wish them luck, though. Keep hangin' tough!

So at the moment, I'm gonna pop their greatest hits album in my CD player.. and just enjoy. All together now.. "Please Don't Go Girrrlll..!!!"


  1. Nazim Masnawi said...

    "I used to be a huge NKOTB fan, people. But at that time, who doesn't?"

    Are YOU fucking sure, man?!??

  2. Edd Vedder said...

    yes.. I'm fucking sure. In those days, you're either a NKOTB fan or a Tommy Page fan.

    I guess you like Tommy then, huh? Pretty boys love pretty boys..

  3. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Lemme guess, kau takde abg?

  4. Edd Vedder said...

    nope, aku ada 3 abang. You should read my previous post yang aku link kat atas tu.

    Kalau aku takde abang kenapa?

  5. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Holy fuck, dgn abg2 kau kat sekeliling, macam mana kau boleh terpengaruh dgn NKOTB?!??

  6. Edd Vedder said...

    tu la dia.. padahal abang2 aku punya taste in music very eclectic.

    I listen to everything actually.. tapi kalau NKOTB ni.. aku salahkan kawan-kawan.

    Pengaruh rakan sebaya..

  7. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Man, aku takleh bayangkan a few years form now. Bebudak generasi aku (or mungkin muda sikit) proclaim, "I used to be a huge BSB fan, people. But at that time, who doesn't?"


  8. Nadia said...

    oklah..oklah..aku ngaku. aku suka gak sket kat jon & danny, & yes tommy page. haha. payah sket nak elak 'demam'nye sbb aku dulu sekolah pompuan. kat sekolah aku dulu siap ada depa buat fanclub lagi, misi depa time tu buat petition nak suruh nkotb dtg buat konsert kat mesia. aku ingat lagi sume tu. haha. tp aku tak beli la kasetnye, yg belinye adik lelaki aku.

    ko tau tak, yatt pun suke gak nkotb? hahahahahahaha...

    rockers kunun dua-dua ekoq ni!..

    please don't go girlllllllllll...;-P

  9. Zack said...

    Damn, Edd, aku tak pernah lagi jumpa lelaki or in this context, budak lelaki teen yang minat NKOTB. It’s so… wrong. Aku suka Donnie Wahlberg tapi mamat tu makin lama dan agak ‘menipis’ la, hehe…

    My 10 fave NKOTB songs, in no particular order:
    1. Hangin’ Tough
    2. I’ll be Loving You Forever
    3. Step By Step
    4. This One’s For The Children
    5. You Got It (The Right Stuff)
    6. Please Don’t Go Girl
    7. Lets Try It Again
    8. Happy Birthday ~ aku rasa ramai fans yang psyched gila dengar lead vocal dari Jon Knight!
    9. Baby I Believe In You
    10. Time Is On Our Side

  10. Zack said...

    ^^ aku rasa nak crosspost to my blog la. :)

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