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*uhuk, uhuk uhuk*...
*sapu habuk, debu, sampah kat blog ni..*

"..Hey, look, Edd! It's November already! It's your last November as a single guy! Hey, December is coming! It's your last December as... " - Nazim Masnawi.

Yes, Nazim. I don't need to be reminded about it since I am being reminded constantly every single day by almost anyone and everyone I know. Right about now, there's only 25 days left in my bachelor calendar. And I'm getting more and more terrified, petrified, scared, happy, excited.. all of those emotions rolled into one. It's a giant step in a human's life.. so I guess, I should be 'gelabah'. Please help me God..

Aku dah sapu habuk2 kat sini sikit.. Kurang la debu-debunya. So sorry for the lack of update, but I guess you guys could understand. But being me, I didn't hold everything back. I downloaded a lot of movies and TV series. I just didn't have time to write all about it here. There's a lot of wonderful new TV series right now. Here's some of them, that I really like :

  • I don't know about u guys, but I think Season 2 of Heroes is a little bit slow and draggy. At this moment I can't see where it is heading. I don't like the Mexican twins subplot, and that annoying boyfriend of Claire. But the Sylar story and Kristen Bell character looks interesting. But I'm still watching it, of course. (yup.. mostly because of Claire).
  • I love Pushing Daisies. The story seems interesting enough and it was pretty well acted. But what I like most about it, is the camera work and the editing. It was beautifully shot; it seems so vivid and colourful. Another thing that I really like is the voiceover element, telling us the story. I love it..
  • Bionic Woman is kinda' good too. It started kinda' slow but it is starting to build up by series no 3. Plus, the lead Brit actress who plays the title character, Michelle Ryan is hot. I've noticed her in 'Cashback' and 'I Want Candy', so seeing her taking the lead role in the series is kinda' exciting.
  • Gossip Girl is my new guilty pleasure. It's a teen drama so I guess I shouldn't be enjoying it. But it's so freakin' enjoyable ! It's campy and fun. Plus all the characters are very good-looking and talented. It's awesome! Shit.. I'm starting to sound like a preteen girl...
  • I recently downloaded the 2002 complete series of Undeclared; a Judd Apatow follow-up to the amazing tv series 'Freaks & Geeks'. Much like F&G, Undeclared was also cancelled after only one season. But let me tell you this, It's Freakin' Awesome!! I can't see why they cancelled the show. Maybe at that time they weren't ready for his brand of comedy yet.

So, there u go. A little update..
Back to counting down..
25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20.........


  1. Iced Nyior said...

    i like pushing daisies also. And I agree with u about Heroes..getting kinda draggy already.

    I hvnt started downloading Gossip Girl but everyone is saying its good so perhaps I will soon.

    Kid nation is also quite interesting. Its a survivor-type movie but with 40 kids surviving in a deserted cowboy town for 40 days without any adults.

  2. Edd Vedder said...

    I saw the first episode of Kid Nation.. It kinda' freak me out. Plus it's a 'reality' show so it's a turn-off for me.

    Go ahead and dload Gossip Girl. There's some pretty boys in there.. well, if u like 'em pretty anyway. Not sayin' that I like pretty boys. There's a lot of pretty girls too. But.. err.. emm.. well, u know what I mean.


    Ok, I'm going to stop now.

  3. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Aku dapat boxset DVD Undeclared kat SS2 (dalam rupa yang betul-betul macam haram) awal tahun itu hari dengan harga yang murah. 10 discs aku dapat RM30 je. Undeclared is great stuff, tapi aku ada soft spot for F&G sebab dia lebih dekat dgn aku - I was a socially-awkward geek during high school (still is), tapi aku juga adalah sorang budak (like William Miller in Almost Famous) yang so attracted to the darker side of things (macam yang dibuat oleh the freaks), but was never really part of it.

    And Lindsay Weir IS my sister during her high school/college years.

    Seriously, dude, what we (Malaysia) need is our own Judd Apatow yang boleh dance on the edge of bathos tapi dalam masa yang sama bring it back with well timed and painfully true comedy. Fuck cinematic experiments, man! Kita ada a long way to go to do that kind of pretentious and arty shit!

    And whaddaya think of Knocked Up? For me, it's THE best film of the year alongside Hot Fuzz. Ni aku bukan cerita pasal filem mainstream je, but movies as a whole.

  4. Nadia said...

    makin berdebor tak?..hahahah..;-)
    dah khatam buku "permata..."..hehehe

    p/s: btw, knocked up rawks! aku suke!;-)

  5. Lizzam said...

    aku harap tak terlambat la nak ucap selamat pengantin baru bro...

    tak perasan lak countdown ko dah complete...hehe

    best tak?

    by the way to the moon, ni ada la hadiah dari aku..harap ko tak tgk lagi la..

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