TV : Heroes - Volume 2 : Chapter 1 Recap


So, what do u guys think? To tell u the truth, I was a little bit underwhelmed. It's good but maybe I was expecting a lot more. We were getting reacquainted with old characters, meeting new characters and trying to get our bearings on where things stand 4 months after the events of last season ended. Let's see what's interesting : -

The Bennett's are settling in very well... or should I say The Butler's.

Hey, Ando's here to stay! Check out his new taller hairdo.

Sorry Hiro, your lifelong hero is actually a smart-ass Brit dude. And who's the hot Japanese chick there, huh? Obviously, she's going to be Hiro love interest.

Look, it's Wolverine! No, It's Neanderthal Man! Oh, It's Nathan..

First, the Fergie video, now this. Peter Petrelli really likes to show his nipples.

The picture above is probably going to be the most important scene in the first episode.

Maya and Alejandro. I liked that we didn't actually see exactly what their powers are, but we know it's lethal and dangerous.

Hey it's Ned from Groundhog Day! Fuck all the superpowers; I want his..!!

OK, who is this jerk? What's up with the 'are u robot or alien?' pickup line? Shut the fuck up! You're the one who's floating and stalking at the same time. Freak.

Luckily, she's there to calm me down with her smile. Aaahhh.... :)

I like the fact that last season was all about ordinary people discovering they can do extraordinary things. But this season it looks like these extraordinary people are trying to be ordinary again. But I'm still very excited to see where the season takes us. Judging from this first episode, it's going to be really interesting.


  1. miss meow said...

    "OK, who is this jerk? What's up with the 'are u robot or alien?' pickup line? Shut the fuck up! You're the one who's floating and stalking at the same time. Freak."

    blardy hell... u are absolutely JEALOUS of this kid?!!!


    yap. kinda disappointed jugak lah wif the first episode. and wat disappoints me the most was the peter petrelli shirtless scene... it was barely 2 minutes!!!! akku marah betul, ok?

    ape2 pun, what i am looking forward to is more Peter Petrelli wif less clothes.

    i hope very hard.

  2. BP said...

    can i know where do u got the episodes with subtitle?

  3. Edd Vedder said...

    Enuff already with Peter's nipples. Aku terpaksa edit balik video klip Fergie tu utk buang that long nipple shot.

    Jealous? Me? That guy was so fucking annoying. Aku lebih prefer kalau love interest utk Claire, somebody yang selekeh, mysterious, rockers type dude. Ini mamat jambu camtu.. Blarghh!

    Hello there. Well, u can actually download the subtitles on sites like or But u need the player to view the subtitles. I suggest u try the media player classic or download the k-lite codec pack.

    Any question u can ask me k..

  4. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Tengokkan kegilaan kau terhadap Hayden, Edd, aku boleh bayangkan kalau kau ni perempuan, mesti kau syok gila dengan Warwick Davis, tak pun Peter Dinklage (whom I actually have intense man-love).

  5. fadz said...

    oh my, im soooo into Maya...Maya the dark teary girl, oh my oh my!!! So 'here u go u soap latinos' kena!

  6. Sk8edge said...

    Maya..sapa minat MCR sure suka Maya...hahaha..dark punk rock...

  7. Sk8edge said...
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  8. Sk8edge said...

    Semua dah tgk yg baru dimana Nathan kena tembak sebelum dia buat announcement about the Company / Organisation..perasan tak sapa bunuh dia? Aku rasa Bennet sebab Bennet berkhidmat semula with the company demi Claire and his family...

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