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The first Eddie Vedder solo song from the Into The Wild soundtrack has now been posted on the Into The Wild website. I had first known about it when I read the news on the website, but I never thought that it will be released so soon. (thanks Sha Shinizzle for the heads up!). The movie is directed by Sean Penn and based on the book by John Krakauer that was inspired by a true story. Eddie Vedder composed music for the movie and the soundtrack album will feature few original tracks from him. The first single is called Hard Sun.

So what's my take Eddie's first official solo effort? Well, it's kinda' hard to express my opinion because : a) it's not Pearl Jam and b) It's not an original song. The song is a cover of an obscure song by Canadian musician Gordon Peterson under the name Indio, from the 1989 album Big Harvest and the original song apparently features backing vocals from Joni Mitchell. The Eddie Vedder version features backing vocals from Sleater-Kinney punk goddess Corin Tucker taking the part that Joni filled 18 years ago.

The song builds from an organic acoustic/tambourine affair to a heavier guitar-driven tune towards the end. Eddie's voice sounded different than his usual deep bellows on the verse part but when the chorus kicks in, you could almost instantly recognise his trademark growl. The Middle-Eastern influences reminds me of Pearl Jam songs like "Who You Are" or "Face of Love" and it sounded very exotic.

I guess the song is OK; quite a different style of Eddie Vedder I used to know. If you read the movie synopsis, the song definitely fits the movie's theme; a story of one man journey into the wild, searching for truth and happiness. It's a decent track, but I'm definitely looking forward to Eddie's new original composition for the movie.

The soundtrack album of solo material from Eddie Vedder will be coming out on September 18th and the Sean-Penn-directed movie opens in U.S. theatres on September 21.

In the meantime, check out this link. It's an early 1988 demo by Eddie Vedder featuring a Bruce Springsteen cover and 3 solo tracks by Eddie. Worth a download if you're a EV/PJ fan.

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