WEB : Nikki and Jessica Goes To Bollywood

New plot details for Heroes Season 2 :

Micah has been kidnapped by a villain who also happens to be an Indian mafia boss. Nikki has to travel to India to save her son. The villain agrees to let Micah go but on one condition : in 2 days time she will have to learn step by step, the full dance sequence to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - the scene where Salman Khan and Kajol dance together. After 2 days, she has to perform in front of the whole mafia clan together with Salman Khan. If the clan members were impressed, they will let Micah go. But if she fails, it's the end of the world for Nikki and Micah. Will Nikki succeed??

Here's an exclusive image from that particular dance scene.

Okay.... I lied. The paragraph above is not true. The image above was actually taken from the official movie site of Marigold; Ali Larter's new film.

Yes.. that is Salman Khan caressing the neck of our beloved Nikki Sanders AKA Ali Larter of Heroes fame. Apparently, she has chosen Bollywood instead of Hollywood for her next movie project. Frankly speaking, it's kinda' odd looking at those pictures above. I have some questions :

1- Why did she chose this project? Is she a Salman Khan fan?
2- Why Salman Khan? If this film is all about singing and dancing, they should choose a better actor. Salman Khan is the worst dancer EVER. Watching him dance is like watching a choreographed bodybuilding tournament. And he's playing a dance instructor in this movie!? WTF!
Is she a good dancer? Or will she look like an idiot doing those corny dance steps?
Will she sing (or lipsynch) a Hindi song?
Will she act out those Bollywood movie obligatory scenes - i.e : sexy slithering for no reason whatsoever, near climax facial expression when the hero touches her belly button, singing in the rain, rolling around in haystacks, etc. ?
Is it really Ali Larter or is it.... *gulp*, Jessica Sanders!?

Anyway, if you're interested check out the links below :

- official site
- IMDB site
- Youtube trailer


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    Salaam bro..

    lama X singgah sini.. how's life?

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    mak ai..sure tak best..cam Aishawarai dlm citer The Last legion...speaking cam pelik giler

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