TV : Heroes 22 - The end of 'Genesis' is near


What an episode. Dead characters, new revelations, a multi-cliffhanger ending.. What more can you ask for great TV entertainment? The only thing lingering on my mind right now, is how are they going to end Volume One : Genesis and introduced us a glimpse of Volume Two : Generations in probably less than two hours time? The 2 hour special season finale next week will be the most anticipated TV episode in my entire life. It's huge..

Oh.. How nice of you Mr Caligula. I'm sure the Petrelli's will appreciate your 'gift'.

And here's a gift for you, courtesy of DL and his 'breakthrough' fist..

If election in Malaysia is fully computerized, I'm sure Micah will be very, very rich.. (well, not that he can't generate his own money, mind you.. )

It's Mr Miyagi and Daniel LaRusso! I was waiting for the 'wax on, wax off' sequence, really..

No.. that's not a torchlight. Seriously Sylar, you have gone cuckoo..

I understand Claire.. In times like these, you can barely smile. That's the closest you get, really.. But I have to admit, I sure do miss it..

And finally a screencap of Peter.. to my girlfriend who has just finished a super Heroes marathon (Ep1 - Ep21), and is now infatuated with everything Heroes and *ehem* Peter related.


  1. sHa shinizzle said...

    and speaking of incik Peter Petrelli kan, have you watch him dlm Fergie latest music video - Big Girls Don't Cry? hehehe, pelik laa pulak tgk Milo... complete with fake tattoos! hehehe

    and yeah, I've watched ep 22 nie. hmmm my selfcontrol is not that good la, Edd. cannot resist temptation (especially those from Milo :D)

  2. Zack said...

    Sha: Minum Milo anda jadi sihat dan kuat! Hehe…. Milo + tattoos ???? Huh, mesti tengok tuh!

    Edd: Woot! You’ve beaten me again! Hah! Aku tertidur semalam, pukul 10.30, masa tu download aku baru siap around 50%. Seriously, aku dah takleh nak stay up lambat sangat la sekarang ni. Cepat penat :P

    If election in Malaysia is fully computerized, I'm sure Micah will be very, very rich..

    Alah, tu tak kira lagi pengundi hantu…

    Oh, gf kau pun suka Peter ke? *High five!* (walaupun sekarang aku lagi suka Sylar)

    PS: Edd, the first time aku nampak nama Malcolm McDowell keluar dalam cast list masa opening credits Heroes tu, aku tertanya2 jugak, dia jadi sapa ye? I mean, this is Alex DeLarge, my man, and seriously, aku tak tau sampai la last week, bila aku check balik ! Haha, ironinya Edd, template blog kau ni gambar Linderman masa muda dan bertenaga! Must’ve been those milk plus vellocet at the Korova Bar :).

  3. Edd Vedder said...

    dont really like fergie really. But I'm gonna' watch it somehow. I know my gf will.. *rolls eyes*

    " selfcontrol is not that good la, Edd. cannot resist temptation "

    - I knew it!

    You probably never thought Alex DeLarge would grow old looking like that huh? Takkan ko tak perasan yang aku selalu tulis Mr Caligula tu? BTW, gambar Alex kat sebelah tu sekadar hiasan.. only because aku tak dpt cari gambar Emperor Gaius Germanicus Caesar yang cun..

    It's Korova Milkbar.. *feeling lactose-thirsty suddenly*.

  4. Zack said...

    Aku lum pernah tengok lagi la filem Caligula, that's why aku tak perasan. Yang aku tau ialah gambar Alex DeLarge macam dalam gambar kat blog kau sana tu, that long gaze with a tracking shot ~ memang trademark Kubrick la.

  5. zan said...

    Aku tak sempat nak tengok episode 22 ni.
    Actually tengah struggle episode 15 ni. Baru dapat burn dalam cd (alasan tak nak tengok sambil duduk depan pc)
    Takpe..malam ni aku akan pastikan aku dapat tengok.

    p/s: Aku link blog ko ni edd. Boleh kan..

  6. Edd Vedder said...

    "Aku lum pernah tengok lagi la filem Caligula.."

    - What?? Never..saw..Caligula?? That's like THE best Tinto Brass movie. Well, walaupun dia disowned the movie sbb the producer tambah tokok a few extra orgy scenes, tapi it's still Tinto's.

    Actually, if u think DeLarge is a bad MoFo.. Caligula is even worse! Male-fisting, anyone?

    kalau ko baru sampai episod 15.. aku suggest ko jgn jeling ke blog aku ni.. sbb banyak spoilers. Nanti tak suprise.. hehe.

    P/S:Link.. silakan.

  7. Zack said...

    Edd: Male fisting?!?! wtf? kenapa sekarang kau baru bagitau??? :P

    Zan: Aku nonton Heroes Episod 22 kat depan PC sambil potong lada kering utk buat cili kisar. Habih satu plastik! Siap buang biji sekali !

  8. sHa shinizzle said...

    damn, tempted la plaks ndak donlod Caligula. sounds very, very interesting :D

  9. Edd Vedder said...

    zack, sha..
    kalau nk download.. cari the unrated version. :)

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