MUSIC : My Current Playlist (Apr-May) - Music You Should Be Listening To Right Now

My current playlist; - music that I listen to regularly in my car stereo, my computer, on my discman, at home and almost everywhere, throughout this month and last month. Seriously, this is the 4 albums that you should be listening to right now.

Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long

To tell you the truth, I wasn't really a big fan of Maroon 5. I thought that Adam Levine sounded like a girl, really. But after a few listening of their previous album, and some great collaborations with Kanye West and Alicia Keys, I thought this band's kinda cool. At least they tried to be different and fresh.

This album is stronger in the lyrics department compared to their last album. Most of the songs are about politics and world issues. The first single, which I really like, 'Makes Me Wonder', actually talks about Adam Levine's frustration at the state of politics and the US role in the war in Iraq. Levine sang "..but I don't believe in you anymore". So take a listen Mr. Bush! Another track that caught my attention is called 'Nothing Lasts Forever', which contains interpolations of the Kanye / Adam song, 'Heard 'Em Say'. What's clear is that this album is more electric and somewhat funkier than their last album. You could almost dance to it because it have some retro, disco elements to it.

According to the official website, the album will be released on May 22nd 2007. Yes, people.. the album has leaked. So grab it HERE. Trust me the links won't be there for long.

Andra & The Backbone - Andra & The Backbone

Well, Ahmad Dhani and Once had a very succesful side projects with Ahmad Band and Dealova Soundtrack, respectively. So I guess Andra's time was due. Andra, the lead guitarist from Dewa 19 came out with this great side project with two of his buddies, Dedi (vocals) and Stevie Item (guitars) and called themselves Andra and The Backbone.

This album is pretty good because it tend to sound (slightly) different from Dewa 19; more guitar-driven and heavier sound. They enlisted the help of Yoyok (Padi) and Tyo (Dewa 19) to play drums and they really did a wonderful job to complete the full rock sound of this album. The opening track 'Terdalam' could easily be mistaken for a Foo Fighters song, until after you hear the first line of the lyrics, "Hey, apa khabar sayangku..?". The first single, 'Musnah' is also a very good tune, more radio-friendly and borders on the Dewa 19 territory. Another great track is the instrumental, Steve Vai-influenced, 'Surrender' that showcases Andra powerful guitar-playing.

This album is not totally rock as in hard-hitting rock music. Andra told a magazine recently that his band is actually playing distorted pop music. The sound is heavy at times, but filled with emotions. Something different, something good. Get it HERE.

Naif - Televisi

I love this band. I really, really love them. In times where most of the Indo kids were listening to nu metal, hardcore, rap, hip-hop and moving towards creating a new future sound; Naif move exactly the opposite direction by creating retro, vintage and mostly fun music. They manage to differentiate themselves from other Indo rock band by creating their own brand of music, style and image. And the great part is, they are very good at it.

Televisi is actually their fifth studio album and probably their most dance-oriented. You could feel the heavy disco influence on the opening track 'Televisi' which sounded like Earth, Wind and Fire in their prime. Another great track is the first single, 'Di Mana Aku Di Sini'; a Beatles-Revolver era-influenced track. 'Kuda Besi' is another wonderful rocking track, reminisce of early Jefferson Airplane. If I have to choose one track, it will probably be 'Ajojing'. The intro sounded like Blur's 'Boys and Girls', but when the music kicks in, the track was all about falsetto voices, disco-dancing and Bee Gees groove. I don't even know what 'Ajojing' means.. but when David sings "..ayuh pemuda-pemudi, kita ajojing bersama'", it makes me want to stand up and scream "..Mari ajojing, yukkk!!!".

Wonderful album by an extraordinary band. Get it HERE.

Teman-Teman Menyanyikan Lagu Naif - Mesin Waktu

A tribute album to Naif, by some of the best indie bands from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung and even Malaysia. In my opinion, a tribute album should be the artistes /band own musical interpretation of the artistes / band who they are paying tribute to. A good or bad interpretation is another question, of course.

On this album, most of the tracks are good and suprisingly, sounded fresh and original. The most notable track is probably 'Dia Adalah Pusaka Sejuta Umat Manusia Yang Ada Diseluruh Dunia', by Tika Featuring Wrong Is The New Right. The original sounded like a very early The Doors track but transformed into a neo-jazz tune by Tika. Malaysia's most underrated band (in my opinion), Couple interpretation of 'Tak Kan Pernah Melupakanmu' sounded like a Beach Boys tune, with Malay-slanged lyrics. My fave track is probably 'Just B' by Goodnight Electric because it sounded so.. well, fun.

Fun is actually the key word on this album. I guess that's the spirit of any Naif album and what makes their music so good. This is Naif, with a little bit of twist. You can get the album HERE.


  1. Anonymous said...

    naif nih best jugak lagu dia

  2. NezJoe said...

    akhirnya hang review jugak andra and the back bone. Yup, they do sound like foo fighter. Setengah lagu tu jugak mengingatkan aku pada weezer. Overall, aku rasa album ni ok.

    Dan naif. Godfather kpd geng-geng 'jaman dulu' kalau ikut term indon. (seingat aku la). Hehe. Album tribute tu best?

  3. sHa shinizzle said...

    bess ker album br Maroon 5? to tell the truth, Makes Me Wonder is toatlly disappoint me. huhuu.

    I thought that Adam Levine sounded like a girl, really.

    he also performs like a girl. except biler dier ader guitar in his hand, then he'll rocking on. kalau tak, alamak... girl!

  4. Edd Vedder said...

    naif mmg best. cukup best.

    yup, akhirnya aku review gak AATB. Itupun curi2 masa sket. Weezer? Hmm.. maybe sikit la kot.. tapi kalau banyak kali dengar, layan jugak album AATB.

    Album tribute Naif tu mmg best. Tapi jangan mengharapkan banyak lagu2 irama retro macam Naif (walaupun ada).. Setiap band gave their own spin on Naif's songs. Kalau kau biasa dengan Naif mungkin kau akan lebih suka..

    Aku suka Makes Me Wonder actually.. It grows on u really, maybe a few more listen.. I'm sure you'll like it. Ramai orang complaint pasal music videonya yg nampak mcm 80's cheesy pop video. Well people, that is the whole point!

    Adam Levine does perform like a girl, come to think of it. But his girl fans are saying that he's 'sensitive'.

    What if Adam puts on eyeliners, pale makeup and dress in black? Would u like him then..? :)

  5. Anonymous said...

    maroon 5 is cool. so is andra & naif!

  6. Nazri said...

    Aku donlod Albun mesin masa tu.

    Mana mau carik password?

  7. zan said...

    sama dengan aku..
    ape kata kunci nyer?

  8. Edd Vedder said...


    takleh kasitau aku..

  9. zan said...

    Ok dah boleh..
    thanks dude..

  10. Nazri said...

    Orait! Thanks

  11. zan said...

    sori beb..
    password telivisi?

  12. Edd Vedder said...

    televisi--> indomp3zefnet

    no problem.

  13. ...$weE+ 666... said...

    naif mmg best, dari saat pertama kali mendengarnya sampai skrg ini. june nanti nak pegi jakarta borong cd, ada mau kirim? hehe...

  14. Edd Vedder said...

    hi zizie..
    mau ke jakarta? Wah, keren! hehe..

    borong CD ke? Kalau Cd album yg baru2 ni, dah bleh download kat internet. Kalau dpt album yang rare best jugak kan..?

    Erm.. kirim t-shirt bleh ke? T-shirt rock band Indon.. susah mau dapat tu. :)

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