TV : Ning in G.A.

Maybe I'm probably the last one to know; but as I was scouring through the Net, I stumbled upon this on the website :

Complete Song Listing

Ever wonder what that song you heard on Grey’s Anatomy is called? Well, here’s your chance to find out. We have compiled a list of songs featured on the show and organized them by episode. The artists listed below have produced works both uplifting and eerie, melodic and foreboding. Without them, Grey’s Anatomy would have a completely different feel, and lack much of the emotional force that each episode provides.
Season 2
Episode 20: Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole
Ning Baizura, "Breathe Again"
Sing-Sing, "Come, Sing Me a Song"
Jem, "Flying High"
The Last Town Chorus, "Modern Love"
Tina Dico, "One"
Urbs, "So Weit"

Congratulations to Ning. Never thought a local artiste's work could be featured in such a high profile show that is equally famous for it's music. Remember, Grey's Anatomy is the show that was responsible for making Snow Patrol so well-known in America. So anything is possible..

What's next? Noraniza Idris in Desperate Housewives? Hehe..


  1. bicaraskrip said...

    kak ani masuk DH jd jiran Asian yg kawin dgn datuk then derang buat konsert Irama Msia kt tmn tuh masa hari krismas!..

    p/s: tapiii mslhnya kak ani boleh ker pakai sexy mcm DH cast?

  2. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Fuck la, our underground band Missing Chapter dulu dapat contribute lagu untuk soundtrack Dogma takde sorang pun nak tulis!

  3. Edd Vedder said...

    "..our underground band Missing Chapter dulu dapat contribute lagu untuk soundtrack Dogma takde sorang pun nak tulis!"

    - dah ada org tulis. Sama jugak dgn Nice Stupid Playground dan OAG dapat contribute lagu untuk Wayne Wang's Chinese Box. Dan jugak band Couple yg tersenarai dlm list top 25 bands in myspace dari majalah Rolling Stone.

    The point is, muzik Malaysia mmg dah sampai worldwide (especially dgn adanya Myspace Music). Cuma Ning adalah 'mainstream' artiste yg pertama yg mana lagunya terpilih untuk siri TV yg sedang popular di seluruh dunia. So, in my book she deserves recognition.

    So kudos to our own artistes, musicians, singers, bands.. Even though it could be nothing; it was no mean feat.

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