What? No night classes anymore?!


After almost a month of not enough sleep, constant headache and a really sore back... A month of overdosing on caffeine, nicotine, Black Forest chocolate, chewing gum's sugar and potato chip's MSG... I managed to submit my final year thesis last week. Woohoo..!

During the completion of my thesis, I had to thank my friends for their help and support. The lecturers and supervisors for their guidance (..or lack thereof). My girlfriend for helping me out with the DFD chart (thanks babe). And also to this little known place called MyMart in Jln Peel that provided us with 24 hours of FREE wireless internet service complete with power sockets and extensions. If you're wondering what MyMart is, it is a convenient store similar to 7-Eleven but they provide tables, chairs, TV, radio, cooling fans, free internet and cheaper goods (.. RM4.70 for a pack of Marlboro 14s? Thank god.). During the last two weeks, we definitely treated MyMart as our home. So, thanks guys..

It's over… Finish… My sacrifice has finally paid off. 3 years of juggling time between work, study and life in general. 3 years of hard work and determination. I have to admit, part time studying is hard, especially if you work in an office where the term 'office hours' doesn't really end at 5 PM. And I had to steal, borrow and beg literally, to pay for my studies (nearly 20K to be exact.. there goes my wedding reception!). But at the end of the day, it's all worth it.. The satisfaction is priceless.

..counting the days to the convocation. :)


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