The Soul Patrol Cured The McPhee-ver

What a finale. The final show of American Idol 5 last night was really entertaining. All of the guest artiste was awesome. My man, Al Jarreau (who I haven't seen in ages) was there doing a wonderful duet with Paris Bennett. One of my favourite band, Live performed with Chris Daughtry. (Ed Kowalczyk and Chris look like bald twins.) Mary J Blige gave a rousing performance with Elliot Yamin. The very hot Toni Braxton did a duet with Taylor Hicks. Even the great Meatloaf was there, man! (..although he look like he's having a stroke). I also love the Top 12 finalists performance with Dionne Warwick because all of them sounded great. It was really nice hearing them all sing for one last time. But my favourite guest artiste performance was by the original soul man, His Royal Purpleness himself, Prince. Damn, he sounded good! All and all, the music and the performance were very lively and it sounded great. By far the most entertaining American Idol finale so far.

And it wasn't just music, it was funny too. I kinda like the Puck n Pickler segment, because Kellie wasn't that annoying, it was actually hilarious. And she looks cuter with short hair. Somehow I think that she's going to have a career as an actress or a TV host. The funniest segment was of course the Golden Idol segment, when 'Crazy' Dave Hoover jumps down accidentally from the stage upon receiving the 'Best' Male Vocal. That guy is nuts! Another funny moment was when Clay Aiken surprised this Napolean Dynamite lookalike Michael Sandecki. That Michael guy was so shocked he literally shake and shivers and prompted Ryan Seacrest to gave him a stool to sit down. Clearly that was the gayest moment of the night. And of course, who can forget The Brokenote Cowboys...haha.

So it was Taylor Hicks who was crowned the American Idol Season 5. Disappointed that Kat didn't win? Not really, because I actually like Taylor. I actually predicted early that he and Kat will be in the finale. I guess it was OK because both of them was very good singers and deserves to be in the finale. It's not like Kat loses to that ChickenLittle lookalike... now that's a different story.

So, to Taylor, you deserve it, man. Looking forward to see more of The Soul Patrol. And to Katharine McPhee... well, I guess now, when I came home from work every Wednesday and Thursday, you won't be there anymore. Thanks for everything... I know I'll be seeing you again. :)


  1. Zack said...

    Edd, sapa Harry Potter look-alike tu?

    btw, mmg aku tunggu2 result show malam tadi, memandangkan aku terlepas the final showdown between the Soulman and McPhee-ver.

    Walaubagaimanapun, secara kebetulan, anak dan suami saya tidur awal malam semalam, dan peluang sebegini memang jarang2 berlaku. Jadinya, saya mengambil kesempatan ini utk memasang VCD Velvet Goldmine dan menjamu mata dengan Ewan McGregor, Christian Bale dan JRM malam tadi. Sekian sahaja aktiviti malam Jumaat saya.

  2. Edd Vedder said...

    oops silap, chicken little lookalike, dh betulkan pun. Amboi, kalau sebut HP cepat aja ko nak tahu ekk.. HP freak!

    ..mlm Jumaat suami ko tido awal? Hmmmm, nasib baik ada Bale dan JRM. Kalau tak, sure 'gersang' punya ko mlm tadi.. hahaha.

    anyway, last night show best kan? aku totally enjoy..

  3. Zack said...

    Do I look like Man Bai to you??

  4. guile said...

    i was rooting for elliott :)..

  5. swan said...

    so when are we going to have our teh tarik? and also my roti canai..hmmm

    kalau dah kalah jangan mengelat ek

  6. Epong said...

    dude, visit and komen blog gitar aku ek?

  7. Iron Board said...

    bro...naper lama tak blog...?

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