She's in the finale..

Yes... she has made it to the final 2. Next week she will compete with Taylor Hicks (which is also is a very good singer) in the grand finale of American Idol. It's gonna be tough to decide.. but you guys know who I'm rooting for right? :)

P/S: After seeing Kat McPhee performance of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' last Wednesday, Simon Cowell commented, "It was the single most best performance of the competition to date".
I definitely agree....what a performance by her. Go Kat!


  1. swan said...

    walaupun aku bertitisan air mata bidding Elliot farewell,. aku bangga sebab my soul man is also in the finale....YESSSSSS muah muah to Hicks...aku harap dia menang and kalau dia menang ko kena belanja aku teh tarik ED,...must must

  2. Edd Vedder said...

    swan.. tarak hal kalau setakat teh tarik. Tapi kalau Kat menang ko kena belanja aku teh tarik AND roti canai.. haha.

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