Mentally Disturbed and A New Guilty Pleasure..

Aku baru perasan bulan ni waktu punch out dekat punch card aku, paling awal aku balik pukul 8.12 malam.. Shiiit.

So many things going on in my life right now. My studies, yang dah masuk final semester (..bulan 6 ni aku grad. Yeahh!). But as u all know, bila final semester kena la buat thesis, final project. So that just took a LOT of your time and energy. And being a part-time student lagi la susah nak membahagikan masa. And there's also a 4 hour classes on weekends, never-ending assignments etc. Plus there is SHITLOAD of TONS OF PURE SHIT work in the office. I kinda' have a deadline next week so everything is a race against time.

Plus, sebagai meneruskan tradisi kaum Nomad, aku sekali lagi, terpaksa pindah rumah by the end of the month! Now, if you're thinking, " macam pernah baca aja cerita pindah rumah ni", mmg betul pun korang ada baca kat sini, masa awal December bulan lepas. Aku taknak cerita panjang pasal betapa aku benci nak pindah rumah ni (..because I already mentioned it) dan aku taknak my alter-ego yang suka menyumpah seranah, maki tak tentu hala, tak kira dalam bahasa Melayu atau orang putih muncul. Let just say, aku TERPAKSA pindah. And the worst part is, aku still tak jumpa rumah sewa! Dekat kawasan Ampang, Pandan tu banyak rumah sewa.. tapi masalahnya aku sekarang dah tinggal berdua (..2 org lagi dh kahwin.. and don't start on that "..kahwin ajelah" remarks). So budget sewa rumah makin kurang. Can u believe how hard it is to find a RM400-450 a month rent houses/apartments in that area? Devastating..

Kadang-kadang masa tengah driving sengsorang, aku teringat watak D-Fens lakonan Michael Douglas dalam Falling Down. Aku ni nak jadi macam dia ke? Atau, aku teringat lagu Wishlist dari Pearl Jam, ".. I wish I was a neutron bomb, for once I could go off". Aku takut one of these days some lady chinese driver decided to cut me off while I'm driving and it pisses me off so bad that I might flip-out and roam the streets with a shotgun in my hand while wearing my office attire underneath my kevlar vest. You never know, I just might..

But I still I have my brain intact. Being a Muslim, we were thought to be patient. Patience is a virtue, they say. And Islam is all about peace. Plus I have my comfort zone, my sanity, my pillar of strength... in the form of my girlfriend. The only time aku tak rasa stress, or pikir any problem walau sedikit pun ialah bila dia ada dengan aku. Seriously.. thanks babe.

Bila balik lewat dari ofis, TV menjadi teman tapi mesra aku. Teman aku time makan and time hisap rokok. Entertainment by the idiot box. And aku terpaksa mengaku yg aku telah ter-hook secara tak sengaja, unwillingly of course, to this one particular show. Yup, I never cared before about this show tapi tak tahu kenapa aku rasa line-up tahun ni menarik. Korang pernah rasa tak bila korang tgk satu rancangan TV dari mula, lepas tu korang susah nak miss rancangan tu sbb nak tahu apa jadi..? That's what happen to me! And no, it's not Mya Zara.. but American Idol!! Yess , AI5 is my new guilty pleasure and maybe because I like music and singing, it appeal to me more than before. Damn.. what has happened to me? I'm going mental..!

That rock dude Chris is going to win this thing even though Ace is winning young girls heart. Taylor the white-haired soul man is pretty good too. Elliot had a magnificent voice but look like a ogre. Paris and Lisa is an amazing talent. I hate that blonde Kellie because she can't sing well plus she's playing this 'sweet dumb country blonde' thing way too far. Bucky looks like a pirate, or Datuk K with long blonde hair. And please eliminate that 'chicken little' lookalike, Kevin. I cringed everytime I hear him sing. But Katharine, in the picture below.. is class act. Beautiful, georgeous and can sing very,very well. Plus she's an actress too..

I just had to include her picture. My mental condition is unstable at the moment. And this is therapy...... :)


  1. kunci hilang said...

    wah. lama dah tak nengok american idol.

  2. cik sueN said...

    .quote.I might flip-out and roam the streets with a shotgun in my hand while wearing my office attire underneath my kevlar vest..unquote.

    tambah sket..
    wif ur rayband, wif a few prickle of sweat on ur forehead, wif the wind blowing ur hair, wif ur half-finished ciggie at ur lips... (gaye seorg mafia)
    if it ever happens, the only thing dat wud come out frm my mouth is..


    he. he.

  3. Zack said...

    Dude, dude, dude, go easy on the chicken little thingy, willya? You know how I love em, so young, so cute, and yet so damn good ! (maksud aku suara dia la.) And, nampak aje kecik, he's actually taller than Ryan Seacrest!)

    PS: I swear, sekali lagi aku dgr nama Datuk K, I'm gonna do a Jeremy, man. (Arms raised in a V, and the dead lay, in a pool of maroon below...)

  4. Edd Vedder said...


    macho tu mmg macho. Tapi description ko tu membuatkan aku terbayang cerita tamil yg aku tgk weekend ari tu.. scary thoughts. hehe.

    aku mcm dh teragak ko akan suka si Kevin tu giving ur reputation of liking 'em young and sweet.hehe.

    Tapi seriously in this group of ppl, dia yg least talented. But of course, he's way better than our 2nd Malaysian Idol champion.. way, way better..!

    Do the Jeremy, man.. unleashed the lion! But don't u agree with me that Bucky looks pirate-ish and Datuk K-ish..?

  5. Najib said...

    I don't know what to say .. but .. if you're sick .. get well soon :-)

  6. swan said...

    my money is on Chris to win this time but my heart is on Hicks coz he is so damn cool and likeable. Yes they should ban all the blondes who left their brains at home from entering this competition. Bangang banget!

    Kevin tu aku tak tahu apsal dia boleh terjoin in...just a waste of space( sorry Zack,,.just not me cup of coco la)

    Anyway terkezut giler Mandissa booted out last week. Damn it should be Bucky or Pickler!

    Final three from my zombie twilight zone..are in no alphabetical order, Chris, Hicks and Ace. Oh btw i think Elliot tu cam rabbis in america

  7. Edd Vedder said...

    Swan.. welkam, welkam.

    Anyway, aku kpun terkejut Mandisa keluar last week. It should be Bucky, tapi nampaknya org sana suka dengan misai Datuk K dia. long as Katherine still there.. aku tak kisah sangat. :)

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