...got a dirty little secret?

..No that's not my dirty little secret. I'm glad to tell you that I'm still sane and enjoying life to the fullest. The image above was taken from this really cool website call postsecret.blogspot.com. People from all over the world are invited to anonymously contribute their deepest and darkest secrets to this website by creating a 4-by-6-inch postcards out of any mailable material.The secrets can be anything as long as it's your darkest secret and you had never told anyone about it.

The image that I put up above sebenarnya secret yang boleh dikatakan agak 'tame' berbanding dengan secrets yang ada dalam website ni. Trust me, anda akan terperanjat gila babas bila tengok human's darkest and deepest secrets kat website ni. Poskad- poskad yang dikirim ke website ni adalah authentic. Apa yang menarik jugak poskad yang dikirim ni actually very artistic in it's own twisted way.

..u have to check out this website. It makes u think very hard - no matter how bad and fark up u think your life is, there is always someone in this world who are more faaarrkkeedd up than u.! Be thankful, because there is always a purpose for everything that happen in your life. Your actions in this world can reflect your future. Act wisely.

Bersyukur di atas kehidupan ini..


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