WEB : Watchmen Mega Pics Spam & Viral Links

Just a few days away from the upcoming official release of Watchmen.
But for now, enjoy the pics & links below..

Cool portrait pictures from Empire magazine.

Newly released pictures.. Nite Owl's Antartica's Suit, The many faces of Rorschach, The Axis of Evil and International Alternate Posters..


Watchmen viral marketing campaign is awesome.
Check out the 8-bit, 1980's arcade style online game below.

(click here to play)

A great introduction to The Minutemen in this video journal..

Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons speaks..

The New Frontiersman faux-PSA, The Keene Act & You..

Watchmen comic within the comic story, Tales of The Black Freighter (and Under the Hood) is getting a DVD release.. yaay! Here's the trailer..

Other Links :

Official Watchmen Movie Web Site - official site
Watchmen Movie Production Blog - tons of behind the scenes videos
I Watch The Watchmen - recommended
Watchmen: The Official Movie Countdown Widget - you can put the widget in your blog
Watchmen: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - click if you want to hear MCR version of Bob Dylan's 'Desolation Row'
The New Frontiersman Viral Microsite - awesome viral stuff
Watchmencomicmovie.com - my personal fave
Watchmen Wiki - all things Watchmen


  1. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Whatta fuck? What the fuck is up with Jon Osterman's pic?

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    bro, my emel, ehem, fadliakiti@gmail.com

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    stop making me orgasm about The Watchmen!

    btw mask Rorschach sgt cool!

  4. Tiger said...

    Those are Stunning Pictures

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