TV : Heroes 03x01 & 03x02

PIC SPAM : Could contain spoilers

I always knew it was someone from the future, but I never guessed it was him.

Who's the new 'speedster'? Kinda' cute.

OMG WTF moment no. 1 . Damn u Sylar!

Luckily she's 'not like the others'. Pheww!

Whoaa! Gratuitious 'ibu jari kaki unta' shot.

Future Ando is kinda' badass. Reminded me of Ken from Street Fighter.

'Super' Mohinder and Maia. NSFW.. and kinda' weird.

'Believe it or not I'm walking on air..' Remember him?
He's The Greatest American Hero.

Is it me or doesn't it feel awkward watching 'family' scenes like this after we all know about the whole Hay-Lo affair?

Caligula's back. Or is he?

I don't know.. every time I see her, Gina Russo from Nip/Tuck always comes up.
And it destroyed everything that is good about her character. Sigh.

One of the dozens of 'villains' that escaped from Level 5.
Sylar was in Level 2, so that make these guys even more sadistic than him.
More about them in future post.

OMG WTF moment no. 2.
Another Petrelli??


My verdict? Based on the action-packed (and quite violence) first 2 episode, it looks like Kring and crew have succeeded in pulling out of their sophomore slump.

The pacing was faster, questions were answered very quickly, the major story arc were introduced within the first 30 minutes of the show compared to 1/2 a dozen episodes during last season and interesting characters were introduced. Simply put - the show looks very good.

Based on the first 2 episode, I couldn't help but noticed that in this season, it's all about Good VS Evil. Heroes VS Villains. Which is very simple but very interesting because if you accept that good people can unwittingly do some evil things in their race to be maverick heroes, you have to also be willing to accept that evil people can sometimes inadvertently do good things as well. In other words, you got to expect the first few episodes to explore just which side each of the characters is really on. Hmmm..

It's the second coming of Heroes. And it looks promising.


  1. goooooood girl said...

    So good......

  2. sHa shinizzle said...

    aku dah lamer giler missed ikot novel dier. Damn.

    But yeah, those 2 eps make me forget what sort of lackluster 2nd season was. Future!Ando is the new ultraman, y/n? Hehehe

  3. Edd Vedder said...

    I never missed the novel. Sebab dia ada banyak tie-in dgn ongoing series. It makes much more sense sometimes.
    I'm thinking about printing all of them one day..

    Ando = ultraman? haha..maybe.

  4. sHa shinizzle said...

    tu la, I love the novel too tapi skali termiss, mula liat nk download follow-up

    I'm still curious how future!Peter put present!Peter inside someone's body.

  5. Edd Vedder said...

    I'm still curious how future!Peter put present!Peter inside someone's body.

    - it's been heavily discussed in forums and wiki sites. I guess we'll learn more about this in the near future, i.e: the person that Peter absorbs the ability from.

  6. sHa shinizzle said...

    well 2 eps down, 22 eps to go. Whee~

    season 2? what season 2? inside my head, there's no such thing called season 2. hahaha.

    I'm always curious aper actually power Mommi Petrelli ni. I mean, memang la penah mentioned dlm novel but macam agak vague. Now tetiber she actually can see/dream of the future(?). But again the OMG WTF moment no.2 tu makes sense if it is true sebab those 2 persons have similar hunger for superpowers. No?

  7. Zack said...

    Hero who?

    ps: edd, waahhh waayyy too much time on your hands making screencaps now eh?

  8. Edd Vedder said...

    well.. since ko dh semi-retired from blogging, i believe it's my duty to capture the screens (even though jarang2 sekali).. hehe.

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