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Very cool Watchmen character posters. I love the details and the comic style design. I thought the quotes were a great touch too although I'm curious about the Dr. Manhattan posters because I think the comment was made by Prof. Milton Glass, not Prof. Wally Weaver. I also noticed the date on the Nite Owl quote is dated 1986, which is interesting considering that the comic storyline happens entirely in 1985. Hmm..

Also noticed the clock in the top left corner of the poster shows various time. Plus the first appearance of Ozymandias pet, Bubastis (..yaay!) is just wonderful. And check out Sally Jupiter.. Carla Gugino was made to wear that costume!


  1. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Aku still sangsi how their age in the movie works. Dan aku lagi pelik kenapa takde orang tanya 'bout that masa kat Comic-Con aritu.

  2. Edd Vedder said...

    dude, aku rasa aku terbaca interview dgn Carla Gugino di Comic-Con that they aged her in the movie from 25 years old in 1940's to 67 years old in 1980's.

    And aku baru je update kt bawah tu, ko perasan tak komen Nite Owl is dated 1986. Maybe they set the story over the new year. Tapi komen Nite Owl tu mesti datang dari 1985, sbb ia datang dari first half of the story. Maybe jugak diaorang silap cetak..

    And hampeh.. aku baru terperasan Bubastis! Gila best.. aku ingat takde, sbb dlm trailer x appear pun.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Comparisons of old/new posters here:


  4. Anonymous said...

    Kau tak risau ke director filem 300 buat Watchmen? Aku tengok trailer dia macam masih ada visual excess from 300 seeping into the Watchmen world (call it Watchmen by way of Frank Miller). I don't think I want to see Nite Owl (who is a realistic Adam West Batman stuck in modern day Gotham City) being 'badass' and kicking ass in slow-mo-to-fast-mo-back-to-slow-mo while anachronistic rock music plays in the background.

    Also, the Comic Con panel worries me greatly. Zack Snyder ni macam tak tau what the hell he's talking about je. It's like he can only see things in terms of "coolness" and "badassery" (he said the Comedian was badass, ??! D:).

  5. Zack said...

    Yang nombor tiga tu mcm filem porn S&M gone wrong.

  6. sHa shinizzle said...

    word! *hi-fived K.Zack*

    bondage ker? hahaha

    oh yea, excited? anxious? understatement of the year. Lambat lagi ker nk tayang nih? Hmmphhh~

  7. Edd Vedder said...

    zack, sha..
    i wish it was porn S&M.

    judging from the trailer, i think he got the visual aspect right. What do u suggest, how should Watchmen look?

  8. Anonymous said...

    Not like a comic book I guess. Kalau Sin City and 300 aku paham lah the pressure to make it look like the comics, tapi Watchmen's art isn't very stylised, it doesn't aspire to look and be 'cool' or 'badass'. Yang peliknya Snyder guna mostly real sets this time, tetapi semua benda masih nampak self-consciously pristine and unreal.

    Also, tone down the slow motion and fast motion plz kthx.

  9. Edd Vedder said...

    aku cuma harap they get the storytelling right. Sbb aku rasa kekuatan novel Watchmen di situ.

    Aku rasa the look and feel of the character maybe dah ok, cuma betul jugak cakap kau.. kalau banyak sangat fast-cut dan MTV style action sequence, bleh jadi pening jugak..

    Salahkan Wachowski brothers..

  10. Boy said...

    Comic dia tak layan sgt..aku pernah tgk..aku tunggu Justice League dan GI Joe the movie je ni..

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