WEB : The Best Clip Ever On YouTube - Rock Greatest Moment

Date : 11/09/91
Place :Tower Records: Rockville, MD
Attendance : 50
Setlist : Wash, Black, Alive, Suggestion, Porch (Acoustic)
Notes : Small, in-store promo for their first album, Ten, with Pearl Jam in a festive, friendly mood.

Eddie Vedder smiling, cracking jokes, signing autograph AND rocking out? That's very rare.

Goosebumps. Close to tears.
I get very nostalgic watching the clip above. It makes me feel like a teenage boy again. To capture a moment of rock history when a great band is about to hit it's peak is a one of a kind moment. Watching the clip, you can see that the band poised for stardom: talented, confident, good-looking, and most of all, they rocked the crowd.

In the clip, you could hear the power of Eddie's voice; at one point he didn't even need the mic to sing. You could also see the playful side of the band as they were laughing and joking around while they were rockin' the crowd. At one point, you could also hear Pearl Jam playing the riff of Nirvana's 'Smell Like Teen Spirit'. This clip is classic, man.. Prove that Pearl Jam is definitely the best band in the world. Now I know why I still regularly listen to 90's music. It's the best! How I wish I could go back in time..

Now, if you're a Pearl Jam fan, do me a favour; press play, pause the clip, wait until the clip finish downloading, press play again... and enjoy.


  1. ...$weE+ 666... said...

    whoaaa! my faveret! the best!

    i must say i get very nostalgic too, edd. i felt the exact same way as urs. every single words. reading this entry, i felt like reading my own words. i cant believe this! *argh!*

    i want to be in that time again. if only i could. to feel like a teenager again. just once more. no need my favour, magnetic-like attraction, my fingers automatically press play. enjoy? u bet!!! even for another 666 times.

    good looking? eddie vedder is way tooooo gorgeous. *muahz* LOL!

  2. ajami said...

    Salaam bro..

    tompang lalu.. aku terbaca kat majalah KLue psl website/contest nih!... dateline 24july!... cepattt!


  3. Edd Vedder said...

    90's child always think alike. hehe. Only we could appreciate the importance of the clip. It's Rock History, kids. Watch and learn..

    aku ada terbaca kat KLUE. short story competition tu kan? Aku ada gak terpikir nak antar 1,2 entry. Thanks anyway dude..

  4. zan said...

    Aku antara yang terlewat mendapat tempias seattle sound ni..
    Hujung2 90 an je baru aku betul2 ber jinak2 dengan music dorang ni. Pasal dulu aku ingatkan Nirvana = Seattle.
    Tapi bila aku dah pandai kaji music, dah pandai dengar, Seattle ni memang bukan setakat Nirvana. Tapi my most feveret is still Alice In Chains. Kena lak Love Hate Love tu..memang berhantu..

  5. Zack said...

    Nak tengok, tapi kena balik rumah dulu. Kat ofis aku Youtube dah kena ban, kalau klik jugak, diorang redirect ke website rasmi company aku :P

    How I wish I could go back in time..

    Like 1982? Edd, kau cakap gaya2 Uncle Rico, aku dapat bayangkan.

  6. Edd Vedder said...

    Susah nak cari die hard fan Alice In Chains kat Mesia ni. Kau mmg rare.. hehe. Tapi mmg betul ko ckp, Love Hate mmg berhantu..

    Ada cara sebenarnya ko nak bypass company ko punya firewall. Tapi panjang ceritanya.

    Uncle Rico? hahaha.. aku tahu hanya kau akan perasan that line.

  7. Nezjoe said...

    wah, teringat zaman sekolah la pulak aku. hmmm masa ni jambu2 je semua.
    demn, baru tringat dengan documentary 'hype' pasal band2 seattle.

    hail! hail!

  8. ...$weE+ 666... said...

    aku giler layne staley gak wei. hehehe...

  9. Edd Vedder said...

    Documentary Hype tu dh lama aku cari.. x jumpa nak download. Last sekali aku tgk dlm video.

    Ya, aku tahu. :)

  10. Nadia said...

    arhhh...aku terlambat respon. bukan apa..TERPENGSAN lama bebeno lepas tengok klip ni!...;-)....hahahaha...pearl jam..pearl jam...no words...aku tau ko paham gelodak dlm dada aku bila sesape saje menyebut pearl jam kan? hehehhehe...

  11. Edd Vedder said...

    mak oii.. sampai bergelodak dada la ye. hehe. Takpa Nadia, aku paham..

  12. Nadia said...

    gelodak DALAM dada la..gelodak dada lain cerita weiii...amboi..amboihhhhhhh..muahahahahah..;-)

  13. Yatt said...

    Pearl Jam? Ni band poseur ni. Muahahahaha!!!


  14. Edd Vedder said...

    gelodak dlm dada la maksud aku. Ko yg pikir bukan2..hehe.

    Lagi satu, ko tolong belasah mamat yang komen bawah kau tu bleh? Nasib baik dia cepat cabut.. muahaha.

  15. Anonymous said...

    damn aku trasa cam sungguh muda laa pulak biler baca entry nie *hang head in shame* rock evolution aku started agak lambat, around 1st quarter of 2004 rasernyer. before that, I was basically infested and tainted by pop trash. kalau laa bukan sebab dengar lagu Metallica's The Unforgiven, maybe aku xkan minat rock :D (well excluded LP laa)

    never been a Pearl Jam fan before but suddenly lps bacer entry nie I have the sudden urge ndak dengar Pearl Jam again and again and again and again... err, any recommendation? I always thought the acoustic version of Black is pretty awesome. dan aku ader mp3 diorg covered Smells Like Teen Spirit. sgt bess :D

  16. Edd Vedder said...

    recommendation? Hmm.. where do I start.

    I suggest u start with Ten and move up to VS and Vitalogy. Ten is a must-listen from start to finish. One of the best album ever. Then try and listen to VS. The first track from that album, 'Go' will blow you away! After that u can move up to Vitalogy. Tracks like 'Spin The Black Circle', 'Betterman' and 'Corduroy' will definitely convert u into a PJ fan. Just remember to listen to it full blast or it won't have the same effect.

    Acoustic version of Black yg paling best adalah dr video clip yg aku letak tu. The MTV unplugged version is good too of course.

    Check this out. Look at how passionate Eddie Vedder sings every word of 'Alive'.-->


    And here's the unofficial video for 'Go'--->



  17. Anonymous said...

    pegh! *take note*
    thanks for the recommendation! haruslah aku mendownload album2 PJ lps nie :D

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