TV : Heroes Volume 1 - The End of Genesis

At last, the long journey comes to an end as Volume 1 of Heroes closes much the same way it opened all those months ago (despite lacking the extra hour): effectively, simply, and with another journey to be taken.

So what do u think? Everyone would probably expect a super epic battle between good and evil, where the heroes would team-up to fight Sylar. But honestly, it's no surprise that there were no final superpower battle, considering that this has always been a show that relied more on interpersonal drama created by cause-and-effect rather than CGI. The ending showcased EVERY single character main personal issue and had them all confront them in highly emotional ways. Even when characters are jetting across the skyline, there was always a matter-of-fact way about it that made Heroes stand out from the crop of similarly themed shows.

But despite that, fans still have tons of unanswered questions - why wasn't Nathan affected by Peter's radioactive powers? Why couldn’t Peter just fly away? Where is The Haitian? Sylar can stop bullets, but can't stop Hiro sword? What happen to Mama Petrelli? Who is Molly Walker talking about when she said there's someone worse than Sylar? etc.

People can go on and on forever.. Love it or hate it, the fact is, the first season of Heroes has been amazing. Tim Kring and Co. has brought us 23 hours of very satisfying entertainment, that has kept us wanting for more at the end of each episode. And for that, they get my respect. Thank you.

Isaac's drawing was true indeed. It was that simple and it's not the sword.. it's the man. So are you really gone Mr Sylar? I know some of us is hoping you will be returning next season (..probably not as a cockroach!).

Blood is not the indicator of family, love is. It's good to see my Claire reunited with Mr Bennet.. ooops, sorry. Noah. *snicker*

Niki and DL seems to be OK. And Niki finally come to grips with herself and took Jessica ultra strength with her. Go girl!

Now.. the Petrelli brothers. Phew! I don't know what to say. What I do know is, my GF is going to hate this episode. What do u think?

Yeah 'bad-ass', WTF indeed....

So.. What’s left to say? The show has been incredibly successful (high viewership, a loyal fanbase, and critical acclaim) in it's first year. Tim Kring talks about the spin-off series, Heroes: Origins, probably 6 episodes that are stand-alone episodes, dealing with the origin stories of characters all around the world who are waking up with the discovery of these unique abilities. Kring revealed the stories told in Origins will not be related directly to the characters in Heroes, and the style will be similar to "The Twilight Zone"; new characters every episode, more of an anthology narrative.

Can't wait. Hoping Volume 2 : Generations will be much better.

And before I sign off, here's the best bit of the Heroes Season 1 finale. I'm gonna miss seeing u every week.. :(

Until we meet again.
Take care, Claire.


  1. sHa shinizzle said...

    err aku sorg jerk ker yg perasan sensorg yg that guy in blue team tue nmpk macam George Takei (eps part dier widen his eyes) but again, maybe I'm seeing things. hehehe

    Tim Kring talks about the spin-off series, Heroes: Origins

    whoaaa~ biler nk tayang? before volume 2 kluar ker? that would be sweet man. BUT lagik bess kalau diorg tayang time hiatus maser mid-volume 2. :D

    my fave Claire's lines - "you do have plan, right?"

  2. Edd Vedder said...

    Aku pun perasan jugak pasal George Takei tu. Ingat tak dia kata kat Hiro "..I've waited a LONG time for you". The question is, is it THAT long..?

    Origins mungkin akan ditayangkan masa hiatus, untuk build-up to Volume 2.

  3. Zack said...

    Nathan : I love you, Peter
    Peter: I love you, Nathan

    Em, aku sorang aje ke yang rasa scene ni agak ke-hindustanan? I mean, logic kot, considering Milo ada Indian blood dan Adrian is half-Persian.

    Heh, aku nak tergelak bila HRG reveal nama betul dia. Dah habis satu season baru tau, eh?

    Satu lagi, Edd, kau perasan tak yang bakal ada satu lagi kapel drp episode ni ~ Micah & Molly. OMG, cutenya!

  4. Edd Vedder said...

    Micah & molly. Cute kan? And Micah is such a flirt, showing off his powers to Molly.. hehe.

    I always thought HRG as a Steve or James or something.. Noah Bennett sounded..erm.. 'youthful'.

  5. sHa shinizzle said...

    Noah Bennett does not sound dorky enough laaa. hahaha. namer dier patut plain Joe type :P

    and yeah, I'm rooting for Micah & Molly! awww so cute! esp maser yg Molly senyum in amazement lps Micah show off power dier (Micah! you lil flirt :P)

    arr nnt bley la plaks buat 10 years later, show those two as couple(?) *wishful thinking*

  6. fadz said...

    heroes ialah drama/soap opera paling seronok pernah aku tgk di TV.

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