TV : Heroes Hiatus, Again??

Quick recap from episode 18 *could contain spoilers* :

That's all you get from Claire nowadays - a wry smile. The only smile on Ep. 18. *sigh*

The new badass chick, Candice Wilmer with 'Mystique'-like powers. Mighty morphin! Candice is played by Missy Peregrym. If she looks familiar, chances are you might seen her in the gymnastic movie, 'Stick It'.

Grandma Petrelli knows about it too?? Never saw that one coming...

Hey.. It's that guy from Caligula!! Seriously, his character in Heroes is exactly like the one he played in HBO's Entourage. Mean, sarcastic and ruthless..

Now for the bad news..

I've just found out that Heroes will be going on a brief hiatus. According to various sources, it will either be a 5-weeks or a 7-weeks (??) hiatus, or somewhere in-between. So the next episode which is, Episode 19 will be aired on the 23rd of April.

7 weeks??
I have to wait THAT long...?
What's with this hiatus.. I can't seem to understand it, really...

Shit. Guess we will patiently wait.

*a very,very,very..VERY long sigh*


  1. sHa shinizzle said...

    alamak 23rd April? lambatnyer! :(

  2. jimi said...

    Aku dah tengok Pan's Labyrinth. Oh, awesome.

  3. Zack said...

    Aku pun dah tengok, dan dah reviu, tapi takde komen pun :P (ok, ok ada 3 komen jek :P)

    Nanti sms aku alamat rumah kau ye. Aku nak hantar rombongan meminang. (you know what I’m talking about *hint hint*

    PS: Majalah HOT baru ada Hayden on the cover. Sweet! Dan ada artikel X-Men face off with Heroes.

  4. fadz said...

    oh yah, heroes rock, big time!!!

  5. Zack said...

    Aku rasa nak nangis tengok Episod 17 & 18. Serious, man. Lagi sayu bila aku tau ada hiatus! Bila tengah scene yang betul2 klimaks lak tu. Uwaaa!!!!! Damn, Sylar is sooo hot!

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