MUSIC : Pumpkins Smashing The Studio

Jimmy Chamberlin posted this great news on last week :-

Hello again!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. We have been very busy carving up the sonic landscape with oceans of guitars and a sea of fuzz bass. We are four songs deep and about a hundred guitars in! Every day is a little louder and every night is a little darker! Last night for instance, we were working on a song...a very beautiful simple song we had been playing since we got back together. A song that was never questioned because of its poignant simplicity. Suddenly, Billy looked up and said that he thought we should try to find something else in the song. A different feel. A new approach. Something besides drums, bass and guitar. We had Bo' (our assistant) bring in an old organ to see if that would change the vibe. Instantly the song was transported to a new place . A place of symphonic majesty that made us all smile.

It's really moments like these that make it all worth it.
Sometimes you just have to ask the question...........
At any rate, it sure was nice to play something quiet for a change!

- JC -

I reckoned most of you had already heard the news of the eagerly-awaited Smashing Pumpkins reunion. They are currently in the studio recording their new album since 1999 with legendary producer Roy Thomas Baker. Jimmy Chamberlin and Billy Corgan are set to return but no news about the inclusion of James Iha or D'arcy Wretzky. News about current lineup, songs, producers and guest artistes are kept secret until the initial release of the new album.

Until that day comes, anticipation and expectation is all we got... *Sigh*.


  1. clashead said...

    Tu la..
    Sapa suruh bercinta sesama ahli band..Kan ke susah nak reunion balik bila dah break..

    -The end is the beginning is the end-

  2. ARA PAYUNG said...

    Erk... James Iha ngan D'arcy tak join ke? Tp aku rasa D'arcy mmg takde kot? Maybe dia still pakai Melissa Perfect Circle tu.

    - Today - Mayonaise

  3. Zack said...

    "Despite all my rage, I'm still like a rat in a cage"

    Lagu2 Zwan pun aku tak dengar lagi, i mean, they were so cool then...

    Aku rasa sebab tu la Gwen mungkin takkan bersama No Doubt lagi kot. Aku suka sangat album Tragic Kingdom tuh.

  4. Edd Vedder said...

    aku rasa bukan masalah cinta. Si D'arcy tu mmg kaki heroin kronik. Dia baru kena tangkap dgn polis. Si Jimmy tu khabarnya dah sober, tapi tak tahu la betul ke tak..

    Melissa ckp dia sudi kalau Corgan jemput dia. Tapi setakat ni belum ada pun..hehe. Aku rasa ni suprise aja kot.. sure James ngan D'arcy join skali.

    album Zwan kurang menarik la. Tapi better dari album solo Corgan, Future Embrace. Siap ada cover lagu Michael Bolton ' To Love Somebody'.. tabley blah!

  5. Iron Board said...

    La...aku pun tak tau si botak Corgan tu ada keluar album solo. nampak sgt tak ambik tau dah...

    anyway, i hope dia takkan ulang muzik style ava adore or machina, i mean bnyk elemen2 techno.

    plaing best diaorg masa album Siamese & mellon collie.

  6. bicaraskrip said...

    dolu2 aku siap nak cari t-shirt yg ada gambar bintang tuh! yg corgan pakai dlm clip 'zero' if aku tak silap laaa..

  7. zan's said...

    Lagu "To Love somebody" tu bukan original Michael Bolton la..
    Tu lagu BeeGees tu..Tak pasal2 si "Bolotin" ni dapat credit free..hahaha

    Gwen pun sama ke?
    Setau aku dia ngan kanal tu bukan ke dah lama break? Ingat kan dorang leh handle break off tu...

  8. Edd Vedder said...

    aku tahu lagu 'to love somebody' tu lagu BeeGees. Tapi aku ada baca artikel somewhere yg Corgan sebenarnya suka versi Michael Bolton.. dan dia nyanyi tu sbg tribute to him. Gila..! hehe..

  9. Nadia said...

    sudah terlalu lama aku tau cerita ini dan sangat merindui labu-labu ini...hey, billy, cepatlah!!..

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