WEB : My Heritage Dot Com

You've got to try this. I stumbled across this really cool site, MyHeritage.com that provide a face recognition system where you can upload your photo and the system will match your face with celebrities that resemble you most. Here's what I got..

Never realize that I'm 78% Peter Sellers.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman; maybe b'coz were both fat.
Chester Bennington; maybe but more like Shinoda.
Eddie Murphy; probably our skin color is the same.
Spader and Wenders; I don't think so.
Garofalo; I adore her but hell no!!
..and who the fuck is Patrick Stump..??

Try it, and tell me who are your celebrity look-alikes.


  1. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Whatta fuck? The racist site bilang muka aku sama dengan Boris Yeltsin, siot! Lepas tu sebabkan kulit gelap, aku disamakan dengan semua black celebrities - from Chris Tucker, Ben Johnson all the way to fucking Bow Wow! Friggin' shit!

  2. Zack said...

    Chester Bennington?? Mana Mike Shinoda? hehe...

    Aku dah lama buat ni, paling dekat ialah Celina Jaitley, man, wtf?

  3. maddox said...

    celina jaitley? hahahahahahahah......

  4. Edd Vedder said...

    Boris Yeltsin.. bukan ke korang berdua sambut Hanukkah..?? hehe.

    btul la.. dah banyak org cakap muka aku mcm Shinoda. Aku pun tak tahu.

    BTW, Celina Jaitley? Kau? Gambar lama kot.. haha.

  5. bicaraskrip said...


    satu family aku try!.. huhu!


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