We, Rude?

Malaysia objects to capital's "third-rudest" status

KUALA LUMPUR, June 21, 2006 (AFP) - Malaysia on Wednesday hotly disputed a global survey that found its capital Kuala Lumpur was the third rudest in the world, saying it was renowned for its friendly people.

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak said the widely publicised Reader's Digest magazine survey of politeness levels in 35 cities could create a negative impression of Malaysia.

"We can question the tests used in the survey because I understand one of our attractions to foreign tourists is the friendliness of our people," he told the official Bernama news agency.

Reader's Digest used three tests in the surveyed cities: dropping papers in a busy street to see if anyone would help; checking how often shop assistants said "thank you", and counting how often someone held a door open.

The rudest cities in general were in Asia, where eight out of nine cities tested finished in the bottom 11.

Mumbai in India came off worst while New York was rated the most courteous.

Tourism is Malaysia's second-largest foreign exchange earner, but it has struggled to create a service culture to rival neighbours like Thailand and Singapore.

- from Lanka Business Online website


Kuala Lumpur is the third rudest city in the whole freakin' world? We are even ruder than, what, the people of Togo or Angola..? (..not saying that they are rude). And the most courteous city in the world is New York? Are u serious..?

We, rude? This is absurd!

Or are we really are...*gulp* rude?

Well.. let's see. This morning while driving to work I was :-
  • shown the finger once by an old chinese guy on motorcycle
  • my que is being cut about 10 times mostly by lady drivers and I had to step on the emergency break every single time
  • the parking attendance at my office blew his whistle angrily at me because I was 0.0021 seconds slow for not moving my car forward
  • bumped into a colleague inside the elevator, gave a smile, he doesn't care
  • scolded by another colleague screaming '..cepat la!!' because I asked her to hold the door for me.

And it's only 9.30 am.

KL people rude..? Hmm.. Malaysia Boleh!


  1. Iron Board said...

    Yes, Malaysia Boleh, and i'm proud of it.

    Should be no. 1 for the next survey.

  2. Zack said...

    Er, yeah, semalam aje, ada 3-4 orang yg suruh aku fuck off. Itu baru kat blog...

  3. Iron Board said...

    kat blog satu hal...

    dlm LRT lagi mcm2 perangai!

  4. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Fuck you, Edd!

  5. Edd Vedder said...

    maybe u've been to the wrong blogs, or maybe the wrong people visited your blog. Anyway, fuck off..

    dlm LRT ke'rude'an hanya muncul apabila kita mula rasa selfish.

    thanks.. u made my day normal.

  6. disco-very said...

    it's not that surprising to know Malaysia's true ranking in the world. this country could use a new course on etiquette in schools.

  7. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Aku suka buat parody org biadap sbb aku menyampah dgn diorg; buatkan diorg jd cam low-life scumbags. Hence, aku terpaksa jadi biadap secara tak langsung. I dunno where should I put myself.

  8. Edd Vedder said...

    disco-very, I tend to agree with ur statement. Thanks fer dropping by..

    nazim, is it really a 'parody' or is it nature taking it's course.. :)

  9. fadz said...

    memang betul pun, aku tak sangkal 100%. The funny thing yg aku baca dlm utusan ada dua perkara:
    "Lihatlah pusat2 pelancongan kita, mana ada biadab"
    "Kita jadi biadab kerana kemasukan rakyat asing"
    Senang kan malaysia? Xenofobia melampau. Kalau ada rosak je, salahkan orang luar (tapi ada kebenarannya, aku dah byk kali bila menunggu bas, maaf lah, tapi pendatang indonesia memang biadab bila menaiki bas), kita pula macam mana? Dan perlu ke lagi kita rasa 'asing' terhadap rakyat asing?

  10. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Huh, naik bas dgn pendatang Indon. Kawasan aku tinggal lak byk diorg. Demn, aku terpaksa jaga trafik dlm bas hampir setiap masa. Org bangun, secure seat, tahan para Indon semua, suruh kasi perempuan or org tua duduk. Feck, tu psl kekadang aku lg sanggup balik lewat! Waaargh!

  11. Nadia said...

    beb, aku heran sgt nape la ramai yg melenting & cuba nak deny?..haha...err..btw, brp ramai sgt la kat kl ni yg betui2 pure org kl? ;-)

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