You Want An Update?! Here's An Update Of Death!!

Fact: Violence sells. It's everywhere. It's on our TV, the primetime news, in the streets and even in our homes. It's the reason why we have 18SG rating in the LPF rating system. Sometimes I feel that parents nowadays are more willing of letting their children watch a violent movie rather than a sex-themed movie. That explains why action movies are so popular among kids. And that explains why we sometimes see parents bringing in their kids to watch an 18SG rated movie into the cinema.

Movies are the ultimate medium for violence. Sometimes a movie is remembered solely for its violent death scenes. Somehow, freaky, disgusting, shocking, disturbing death scenes are sometimes a 'pleasure' to watch in movies. It's not that we are all sick human beings, but the nature of death scenes in movies are so real, unbelievable and intense that we kinda enjoy the sudden rush of fear by watching it. It may makes us feel disgusted, shocked, upset and most of the time afraid. In movies we could witness every type of death: death form being eaten, dismemberment, ocular trauma, decapitation, impaling; u name it they got it. And because we had seen it all, the moviemakers are finding new creative ways to kill a character. The result : more violent ways to shock us.

So in honor of the creativity, in honor of the film makers, here is my Top 25 Favorite Death Scenes in Movies. Bear in mind that this list only includes scenes in which the characters are DEAD. (..that explains why I didn't include that wire-cutting leg scene in Audition) This list can be debated forever because someone will always disagree. Everyone has their own favorite. Tell me yours... Come on, I know u have one. :)

25. Man On Fire - Butt Bomb
Denzel is cool. And when he plays a character that is out for revenge, it is even cooler. I love the scene where he shoved a time bomb inside a guy's ass and while the clock is ticking, Mr. Cool interrogates the guy and then walk away as the bomb was about to explode. Cool.

24. 28 Days Later - The Eye Gouge
The best thing about this scene is that I really didnt see it coming. You've probably seen just about every way for a zombie to kill a person (..and vice versa) but when Cillian Murphy grabs that guy's head and stick his thumbs all the way through his eye sockets... Ouchh!

23. Bonnie & Clyde - The Final Ambush
It's the scene that most people remember from this movie. Many won't forget the jerky, writhing orgasmic bodies of Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway when they got completely showered with bullets in one of the most classic revolutionary, graphic ambush-death scene in movie history.

22. Haute Tension - The Piano Head Smash
The French always has a way to make our stomach squirms. Quite a lot freaky death scenes in this one but the one where the guy gets decapitated by a giant piano got me screaming, '..OH SHIT!'. The cleverest use of a piano in a slasher flick ever.

21. Dead Man Walking - Death Sentence
There's nothing gory about Matthew Poncelot's (Sean Penn) capital punishment death via lethal injection, but it's rather sad. I remember Sister Helen Prejean (Susan Sarandon) telling him: "I want the last face you see in this world to be the face of love, so you look at me when they do this thing. I'll be the face of love for you." Damn.

20. Saw 2 - Venus Flytrap
Extra marks for creativity. The opening scene of Saw 2 was very intense and builds the momentum for the whole movie. A man suddenly woke up with a Venus Flytrap mask locked between his neck. The mask has a timer, and the man must locate the key before the timer runs out and the mask closed. The catch is : the key is hidden in the back of his right eye socket! Jigsaw, you're one artistic devil, you.

19. Casino - Baseball Heads
Okay, so this one is not totally dead. The beating death and barely-alive burial of Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci) and his brother by a gang of club-wielding thugs in the middle of an Indiana corn field. The sound of the iron bats clunking their skull makes it very uneasy to watch.

18. Sin City - Wolves Dinner
QT and RR are famous for their violent movies and Sin City is one of them. The coolest death scene in Sin City has got to be when Mickey Rourke dismembers Elijah Wood while he is still alive and let a pack wolves eat the rest of his body except for the head. Extra points for creativity.

17. The Godfather - The Tollbooth
Another classis death scene. Sonny Corleone (James Caan) was riddled with bullets in one of the most intense scene ever filmed. Caan was placed with 147 blood squibs all over his body to simulate being hit by multiple burst of machine gun. Now that's dedication.

16. Silence of The Lambs - Eating The Face
Hannibal Lecter's (Anthony Hopkins) vicious killing of two guards, including lunging at Sgt. Pembry with bloody, face-eating cannibalism, then savagely beating Sgt. Boyle to death with a police riot baton, and relaxing afterwards to Bach's Goldberg Variations. Sicko.

15. Scarface - The Mansion Standoff
"Say hello to my leeetle friend!". The bullet-ridden and coke-convulsed body of one-man army Tony Montana (Al Pacino) in a bloody standoff at his mansion and his death by a point-blank shotgun blast in the back, sending him crashing down thirty feet to a pool below. It's either that scene or the opening scene with a chainsaw.

14. Final Destination 2 - Mega Accident
It's a movie about death and of course this movie is filled with death scenes. Most of the scenes are creatively done but the opening multiple accidents scene was breathtaking and scary. It's pretty realistic and makes you think again about overtaking that 'lori balak' when driving.

13. Lost Highway - Coffee Table Splits
Another one of those scenes where u suddenly screams out '..Woi! Shit!'. It came out of nowhere, in fact if I remember correctly, it was right after the scene where Balthazar Getty was watching the video of Patricia Arquette doing the doggy style on the big screen TV. The guy who was slamming Arquette gets into an argument and suddenly falls head first onto the edge of a glass coffee table and gets it imbedded half way into his skull. I never looked at a glass coffee table the same way again.

12. Kill Bill Vol. 1 - Tophead Slice
The duel between The Bride and O-ren Ishii that ends with a swing of the infamous Hatori Hanzo's sword that slices off the top of O-Ren's head, exposing her brain. That scene is on this list because only QT can make that scene believable... and cool.

11. Fargo - The Wood Chipper
One of the best dark comedy ever made, the infamous wood chipper scene involves a mad kidnapper Grimsrud played by Peter Stormare supplying the wood chipper with his kidnapping accomplice Carl (Steve Buscemi). You're not sure whether to laugh or hurl.

10. Dead Alive - Final Zombie Showdown
The lawnmower scene... definitely the lawnmower scene. Classic Peter Jackson zombie gorefest. More like a killing scene than a death scene actually..but it still counts.

9. The Deer Hunter - The Russian Roulette
The Russian roulette scene in a gambling den in Saigon when Nick (Christopher Walken) blows his brains out. I remember seeing this movie for the first time on RTM when I was about 9 years old and the censors didn't edit this scene! At that time, I was terrified. Somehow that image just stuck inside my memory.

8. Devils Rejects - Facing The Truck
The whole movie was a violence and sadistic affair. The one scene that really gets to me is when the girl was running out of the motel room wearing a 'face' mask that Otis Firefly carved out of her boyfriend. She ran straight to the road and then got hit, face-first by an 18 wheeler truck. What makes it even worse is the scene that came right up after that scene, when they show the intestines and the guts spilled out on the road. Sick.

7. Pulp Fiction - Marvin Accidental Death
Another QT classic. I just love this movie. One of the funniest scene in the film is also the nastiest. The sick, accidental back-seat death of Marvin by Vincent's (John Travolta) mispointed gun is truly hilarious and nasty at the same time. The arguing and the bickering of Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent afterward make the scene even funnier. Very dark humour.

6. American Psycho - The Axe
One of my personal favourite film. One of the best scene in the movie has got to be when Jared Leto character getting the hatchet to the face by Patrick Bateman, brilliantly played by Christian Bale, in his apartment, while Huey Lewis & The News's 'Hip To Be Square' was playing in the background. Stylish.

5. Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer - The Soldering Iron

What's sick about this movie is that it is based on true events. You could never imagine that any human being could be so violent until you witness the things that Henry did in this movie. The butchering of the whole family was intense, but the one that stuck in my mind for years is the scene where Henry repeatedly stabs the TV salesman with a soldering iron for charging too much then smashes a TV over his head.

4. Irreversible - The Fire Extinguisher
The French again. This movie will always be remembered for the very long (..and very hard to watch) rape scene with Monica Bellucci, but the scene where Vincent Cassell broke a guy's face with dull, crunching blows from a fire extinguisher until it becomes a bloody pulp was very real, unflinching and very animalistic. Very hard to watch.

3. Psycho - The Shower Scene
You know which scene I'm talking about. The 45-second steamy shower slashing scene, beautifully edited from 70 different angles and 90 edits, when Marion Crane is butchered by 'Mother' remains one of the greatest cinematic moments of all-time.

2. Ichi The Killer - Give Good Head, Lose A Foot
Takeshi Mike. The name alone spells violent and gore. But he's a genius. So many scenes to choose from this movie. Definitely the most brutal and sadistic movie that I had ever seen... and very funny too. All of the death and tortures in this movie are very hard to watch (...especially the scene where Kakihara slits his own tongue!) . But the one that's worth mentioning is when Ichi, right after receiving a blowjob from Ms. Tachibana, decide to slash the poor girl left leg with razors concealed in the heels of his shoes. And as Ms. Tachibana hopping on one leg like a kangaroo, rushing for an exit, Ichi slits her throat and blood sprayed out of her open wound like a water sprinkler. Funny, sick and gross at the same time.

1. American History X - The Curb Scene
Nothing, I mean nothing will ever come close to the teeth in the curb scene in American History X. The first time when I saw this particular scene, I literally gagged. Truly the most violent thing that I've ever witnessed on film. Until this day, when I watch this movie, the scene always had the same effect on me just like the first time. We don't really get to see the neck or the jaw broke, but I think what makes this scene so intense is that it looks so fuckin' real! You could really feel the chills as we watch the guy's teeth slowly biting the curb. And while we think that Edward Norton's character is going to blow the guy's head with the gun that he's holding, suddenly he lifts up his feet (with Doc Marten boots on) and 'POWW!!!'. (silence). would never be the same again.

So go to hell with all those zombies, predators, terminators, aliens, vampires and so-called scary, gory movies. The REAL thing is the scariest thing.


  1. Lizzam said...

    Speaking of ichi the killer, i flinched when they sliced the girl's nipples. she's not dead, but if Suzuki-san's torture scene was not taking too long that it's obvious the hook's not really digging into his back, that would be the most memorable, but also not dead.the other death scenes were memorable, but got the macam-tipu-je feeling when watching it, no flinching...

  2. Nadia said...

    ko pegi ke sabtu ni? aku tak. hehehe..anyway, saje nak bgtau ko, lepaih konsert sabtu ni, dewa ada show kat planet. tiket rm50.

  3. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Great great great list! Hot damn and... DAMN, ko update. This is so cliche-ridden, man!

  4. Edd Vedder said...

    walaupun nampak tipu, but u have to admit, it's nasty, with all the intestines and guts bursting out of control..

    aku x sure lagi nak pegi ke tak. But kalau tak pegi rasa mcm rugi la plak.. tgk la camna. Aku tgh nak try dpt tiket free gi tgk Dewa kt planet tu .. :)

    not as cliche as not updating right? haha..

    c'mon guys, korang takde favourite death scenes ker? or I'm the only sickfuck here.. :P

  5. Nadia said...

    aku pegi konsert2 rock kapak je bulan ni...heheheh...

    p/s: fav death scenes? arghhhh..aku ni penakut sket tengok scene camnih, nanti aku termimpi-mimpi la..heh..

  6. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Not updating is the *new* updating...

    Best death scenes? Wow, ada banyak, tapi as much as I loved "wicked" death, aku lebih ke arah peminat kematian yg melodrama; stail yg muzik orkestra berkumandang kuat bila satu-satu watak tu kena bunuh, etc. And my top 25 favourite death scenes will forever be (byk yg ko minat, aku minat jugak, so aku listkan mana yg ko tak listlah)...

    25) Agrin - Turtles Can Fly
    24) Jim Malone - The Untouchables
    23) Professor Ryuji Takayama - Ringu
    22) Leon - The Professional ("This is from... Matilda.")
    21) Clifford Worley - True Romance
    20) The many deaths of Phil Connors - Groundhog Day
    19) Nurse Keating - The Exorcist III
    18) Hans Gruber - Die Hard
    17) Alex Murphy - Robocop
    16) Harry Lime - The Third Man
    15) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Amadeus
    14) Roy Batty - Blade Runner
    13) Evelyn Mulwray - Chinatown
    12) Ratso Rizzo - Midnight Cowboy
    11) King Kong - King Kong
    10) Every single death - Coen Bros. films
    9) Major Kong - Dr. Strangelove (Keh! Keh! Lawak gila!)
    8) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (that final freeze-frame was very depressing)
    7) Mr. Spock - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
    6) Kassim Baba - Ali Baba Bujang Lapuk (My God, brutal gila! Demn!)
    5) Every single death - The Godfather Trilogy
    4) Obi-Wan Kenobi & Darth Vader - Star Wars & Return of the Jedi... respectively
    3) Christina Delasalle - Les Diaboliques (sorilah tapi scene mati ni bg aku boleh beat Psycho easily)
    2) Sgt. Elias Grodin - Platoon
    1) Dave Bowman - 2001: A Space Odyssey (his ressurection as a "Star Baby")

  7. Zack said...

    Wowowow! Update siot ! Dan aku tak perasan !

    Nazim dude, Dave Bowman mati meh? I thot dia resurrected as Star Baby, which means that he’s still alive ! The best death scene shd go to HAL. Kematian yg sangat sadis.

    Yup, aku suka tgk Elijah Wood mati dlm Sin City, man, dia still smiling walaupun tangan n kaki dah takde.

    Marvin’s death dlm Pulp Fiction agak kelakar, dan quite lame jika dibandingkan dgn The Gimp atau Zed. (Zed’s dead, baby, Zed’s dead).

    Silence of the lambs- Hmm- aku lagi suka Hannibal- babak makan otak Ray Liotta dan scene death by being pig food. Hannibal Lecter is so damn sexy.

    Dan jgn lupa Reservoir Dogs- kematian penuh siksa Mr Pink dan Marvin si polis malang yg kena torture ngan Mr Blonde. Eh, sama nama yek dlm Pulp Fiction tu.

    Lain2 yg aku rasa memorable-

    1.Heavenly Creatures – bila Pauline (Melanie Lynskey) dan Juliet (Kate Winslet) bunuh mak Pauline guna batu bata yg diletakkan dalam pantyhose. Disturbing.
    2.King Kong Peter Jackson – sedih gila aku tgk bila dia mati.
    3.Dalam The Crow, one of the dudes got strapped to the seat of a car, dan meletup bersama2 kereta.
    4.City of God- death of Lil Ze. The disturbing fact is dia dibunuh oleh budak2 yg 2-3 tahun aje lebih tua dr anak aku.
    5.Dalam From Dusk Til Dawn – death of the hostage. Kerja gila Ritchie Gecko. Aku suka tgk dia ajak pempuan tu duduk sebelah dia tgk TV (sebelum raping and killing her la).
    6.Harry Potter – death of Cedric Diggory, kena Avada Kedavra spell oleh Peter Pettigrew.
    7.Happiness of the Katakuris – kematian mengejut ahli sumo dan aweknya yg kurus keding semasa tgh having sex.
    8.Serenity – death of Wash. Huhuhuhu, aku tak sangka Joss Whedon akan bunuh pilot kapal Serenity.
    9.Kematian tragic Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) dlm The Shining – froze to death, with that icy stare.
    10.Monty Phyton’s Meaning of Life- Mati jatuh gaung kerana dikejar oleh awek2 topless.

    Ala, banyak lagi la, masa pulak takde.

  8. Nazim Masnawi said...

    Exactly! Dave Bowman mati... dan kemudian baru resurrected la. Proses dia nak mati tu bagi aku memang best gila. Pastu, lahir balik jadi makhluk immortal dan boleh travel up to anywhere. Man, so de javu. HAL, ironically, kalo kita nak kira 2010, dialah yg tak matilah sebenarnya.

  9. Edd Vedder said...

    now you're talking! Leon the professional..! How can I forget that one.. Aku tersangat la suka kematian Phil Connors dlm Groundhog Day tapi disebabkan dia hidup akhirnya, jadi tak masuk dlm list aku. Actually banyak dlm list ko ni aku suka. Aku buat top 25 sbb aku tak larat nak list semua. Kalau tak bleh jadi top 100! Too many death to remember, man..

    aku dh agak dlm list ko mesti ada HP dan Serenity, hehe. Tapi aku agree dgn Heavenly Creatures, The Shining dan City of God. Tapi dlm The Crow, kematian Eric Draven lg best.. walaupun pastu dia jadi hantu.

    nazim.. ko suka melodramatic death scenes kan.. how bout Pyanhabib in Kembara Seniman Jalanan or Rahim Razali in Abang or all the deaths in Bukit Kepong.. now those are great melodramatic deaths..!

  10. Nazim Masnawi said...

    My God, I haven't seen Kembara Seniman Jalanan for so long! I even forgot if Pyan Habib ever died!

    Abang - I dunno, his death never really affected me that much. Because of the movie surreal tagline, I always thought he died already.

    Bukit Kepong - Sorry, beb. I heard Yasmin Ahmad doesn't like Datuk Jins Shamsudin very much because he fell asleep during the FINAS viewing of Sepet. So, whoever got problems with Yasmin Ahmad got problems with me!

  11. Zack said...

    Damn. How can you even fall asleep during Sepet? I mean, watch that scene where Jason did that corny ‘Dia Datang’ dance, man. I couldn’t sleep for a few days.

  12. spiral said...

    Bravo edd! An Update of Death! Gila Babi best update ni. Celaka! Banyaknya death-scene aku tak tengok lagi... Tapi aku pernah ckp kat fadz dulu yang aku boleh layan semua-semua tu, except death scenes dalam Faces of Death! Damn it! Aku pernah baca buku si fadz kasi. Dia bilang kau bukan 'true' (horror-fan) kalau kau tak layan real footage @ real death scenes. Sampai skarang aku 'jauhkan' diri dari tonton balik. Entah ada ke aku dah buang ntah VHS tu semua collection sampai part 4 aku ingat lagi...

  13. cik sueN said...

    the best way to die, dewa and sepet..

    OI DUDE!
    jom aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa esok. akku berdua je. mcm sangap plak. ha. ha.

    btw, kalo ko dpt pass free dia punye showcase kat planet, sile2 la hulurkan tangan, ringankan beban. nyeh nyeh nyeh....

    dlm byk2 listing tuh, akku hanye tengok SAW2 and Leon the Professional. sedeh tak? *sob* pliz la someday kasik pinjam koleksi dvd2 ko tuh...

    dude. gubra sudah? nnt akku kuarkn review version akku.

  14. Zack said...

    Spiral, aku mmg takleh nak tgk real death/ violent footage, eg video terrorist sembelih hostage, atau yg real life punya lah. Even that day, one of my fren hantar e-mail ada maid dera anak majikannya, pun aku tak sanggup nak tengok. I just can't, man. Tak jadi true horror fan pun takpe.

  15. Nazim Masnawi said...

    It ain't me, Zack. It was Datuk Jins. And I hate him for that. Be God have mercy on his soul.

    I don't mind real life death, I just can't stand those asses who laughed watching it. I don't geddit. Is it supposed to be funny? Or is it actually a pretty in-your-face hey-look-at-me-I'm-tough-ain't-I statement? Always wonder what happened if their mom got hit by a car.

    Pengalaman first time aku tgk Faces of Death masa aku darjah something; tak ingat bila. Bapak aku memang a big fan of those. Sampai skrg aku tak pernah maafkan dia.

  16. Zack said...

    Dude, aku maksudkan Datuk Jins la, bukan kau. Tp takpe kot, Tuhan dah balas dia dgn bagi dia berlakon dlm Mahligai Gading. Hampeh.

    PS: Datuk Jins is Jeffri Zain, damn it! Our very own James Bond. Waaaayyyy better than that new Bond, imho, yg setiap kali aku tgk asyik dgn that irritating Zoolander pout dalam setiap movie stills yg diorg release.

  17. Edd Vedder said...

    Thanks dude. I hate to break it to u man, but Faces of Death is fake. Well, some of it. Aku ada pernah terjumpa satu article yg very believable ttg film makers Faces of Death yg menceritakan ttg how they film some of those scenes. Tapi aku dh lupa kt mana aku baca.. But kalau ko nk tgk real death scenes, kat dunia jam 10 pun dh bleh tgk. Kt dlm cyber world ni lagi la..

    Dato' Jins is an old man. So I understand if he fell asleep while watching Bukit Kepong. Sepet is not for him anyway.. C'mon, give some credit to our own Sean Connery. He is the first metrosexual icon of our cinema.!

    Amacam konsert? Seronok la ko bercampur-gaul dgn indon2 tengik kt situ. haha..

    Anyway guys.. do u agree with American History X being No 1 on my list? How do u feel about the scene?

  18. Nadia said...

    ko gi tak last saturday? aku tak. tido. hujan. lagiiiiiii best!!heheheh...anyway, member aku ckp gigi paling best. sound mantap! hehehe..seperti yg aku expect! dah 2 x aku tengok show diorng ni live, mmg tak penah mengeciwakan.

  19. Mensh said...

    Pada aku kematian paling ngeri, memanglah yg melibatkan aksi torture-menorture, termasuklah aksi gigi dalam American Histrory X tu. Good choice!

    Ada beberapa death scene yang yang berkesan (pada pendapat aku laa) tak semestinya artistik ke atau gory ke, stylistik ker, yang penting aku suka scene tu

    1) Sekumpulan skuad penyelamat mati kena kelar oleh laser blade yg berbentuk petak2 dlm Resident Evil

    2) Budak lelaki specky yang kena torture (di curah air mendidih dalam mulut, macam-macamlah seksaaan lain) sampai mati oleh perempuan ahli sihir tu dalam Lhong Khong

    3) Tom Cruise mati terduduk dalam Collateral, mati control macho namanya

    4) Sekumpulan penumpang mati kena potong leher dalam Ghost Ship

    5) Babak orang tua yang kena bunuh secara jarak jauh dalam Wolf Creek, sedar-sedar jer dah mati

    6) Hillary Swank kena bunuh dalam Boys Don’t Cry

    7) Carmen Electra mati kena langgar dalam Scary Movie 1

  20. Zack said...

    Mensh, dalam Ghost Ship tu, kena potong leher ke, potong tang pinggang? Brutal gila.

    Lupa Edd, dlm House of 1000 Corpses, si Merman (mamat yg badannya disambung pada ikan).

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre- mamat yg kena chainsaw di kaki dan kena gantung kat fish-hook atas piano.

    Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead- perempuan yg mati sia2 kena chainsaw sewaktu lori/ van diorang kena attack ngan zombies.

  21. Edd Vedder said...

    long khong is a very good choice. Itu pun nasib dia belum sempat pakai impact drill tebuk kepala..hehe. Boys don't cry is an example of melodramatic death. Sedih mcm jugak kematian mak Bambi. Btw, dlm ghost ship tu aku rasa diaorang kena potong kat pinggang bukan dekat leher kot.

    kalau ko perasan dlm list aku kurang cerita slasher/zombie flick. Maybe sbb kita dh tgk bermacam2 cara org mati dlm filem2 mcm ni.. so nothing shock us anymore. Ini kena minta komen Fadz ni. Mana dia huh? Masih dalam duka lara ke..?

    Aku baru ingat one more death scene yg sepatutnya ada dlm list aku. Saving Private Ryan - masa that guy kena tikam dgn perlahan.. very,very slow and painful..!

  22. swan said...

    harap belum terlambat nak comment....

    irreversible death scene memang hard to watch and even harder to forget. Gory siot and very real. Love the splashing of blood and the way the face were stuck to the floor....

    all killing scenes in Kill Bill 1& 2,

    death scenes dalam WOlf Creek masa dia twist the knife tu aku cringe tak sudah

    Another one is the group killing dlm The last samurai, part yg last last tu bila dia orang sumer just go for berani mati and sumer pahlawan2 samurai tu kena tembak dengan mesin gun...wahhhhh aku nangis tahap dewa

    dlm citer Black hawk Down dlm scene yg pilot tu mati kena pijak pukul beramai ramai dan scene dia mati tu tak tunjuk just something that we know..lepas dia tengok gambar anak dan wife dia for the last time..

  23. cik sueN said...

    oh yeah. LongKhong. gile horror. tgk kat wayang yg dah dipotong2 pun akku nak naik muntah. the death in Ghost Ship tu pun, gile terperanjat akku, coz it was out of the sudden. awal2 crite dah gore dah..

    but edd is rite. skrg neh, kalo akku tgk berita, mesti stok ade main tutup2 mate punye. gives me the creeps.

    btw, dude. gwe dh review sket PMI kat blog. gambo x chantek sgt ah, so akku taruk sket2 je. but yap, Armand Gigi was waaaaaay too coool.. gile babi energetic. walopn mukenye agak tabley bla, but still suare dia sungguh ROWK OOOOH! and body pun mantap!

    Dewa? u cud guess.. :D

  24. Mensh said...

    Zack & Edd,
    part pinggang yang kena potong tu, yes right.

  25. fadz said...

    aku sampai sekarang tak boleh lupa camne Jake Gyllenhaal boleh terima je 'ajal' dia macamtu dlm Donnie Darko..tiap kali aku tgk scene ni aku mesti menangis. Aku suka scene bunuh diri ramai2 yg selamba dalam Virgin Suicide, mmg macam Edd kata, scene ni horror lagi dari horror film. Aku juga bukan suka scene Bowman mati-jadi bayi bintang tapi macam mana HAL mati, best gila, lagi manusia dari manusia! Dan tak lupa macam mana Rutger Hauer mati dalam Bladerunner (sedar dia spt time bomb dan akan mati). Utk menangis2 melo-drama scene mati, dua: English patient "I have always loved u" & babak mata fiennes suruh binochet tambahkan dose dan Braveheart "Freedooooom!". Horror dah tentu Texas Chainsaw Massacre sebab tu filem pertama yg buat tanpa gore, apa org rasa sebelum ajal sebagai satu 'bahan makanan' aje. Tapi, aku, being a romantist, aku masih tetap suka dua filem anime ni yang melakarkan bagaimana manusia/dewa boleh mati dan trenscend dgn. martabat yg tinggi: Akira (Tetsuo) & Princess Manonoke (Forest Spirit, Raja Khinzir & Ibu serigala). Tapi kalau ko nak tgk kajian kematian paling hebat adalah bila seseorang itu sedar antara ajalnya dan pilihannya lalu tahu dia mesti akhirkan kerna dia perlu, dan ini dibuat dengan sangat baik dan cantik dalam Downfall, Salo: 120 Days in Sodom, Mishima: A Life in 4 Chapters, Before Night Falls, Pollack, The Hours yg mungkin aku akan buat kalau aku tak hilang duka lara aku ni.

  26. Zack said...

    Tu dia, tuan2 dan puan2, Encik Fadz kita. Itu reviu/ komen masa dia berduka. Kalau tak berduka, aku rasa mesti laaaaagggiiii panjang dr ni. Gurau jek Fadz.:-)

    Yup, scene suicide dlm TVS mmg menyedihkan, tp yg paling sedih ialah adik bongsu diorg iaitu Cecilia, masa dia terjun atas pagar tajam tu.

    On Donnie Darko, does he have a choice? I mean, he'd already dodged the plane engine the very first time (Frank lured him to the field if I'm not mistaken). Boleh ke dia lari kalau takdir dah tertulis yg dia mesti mati kena timpa benda tu juga? Sedihnya ialah, Gretchen langsung tak kenal dia sbb dia sepatutnya dah mati masa tu. Argghh Richard Kelly mmg best!!!

  27. Edd Vedder said...

    fuhh.. aku ingat kalau kita compile semua list yg kita tulis ni, dah boleh buat satu buku! Good response u guys..!

    it's never always late 2 comment.. :) Aku agree dgn Black Hawk Down. sama juga mcm death Jim Caviezel dlm Thin Red Line. Tak ditunjukkan tapi penuh kesayuan.

    aku dh comment kt blog kau. Gi baca weh...hehe.

    fadz, man! Akhirnya bersuara..hehe. Aku dah agak aku akan suka dgn pilihan kau sbb biasanya ia unik. English Patient! How can I forget that.. tangkap nangis wehh! Pollock dan Before Night Falls is also wonderful. But Salo?? Hmmm.. interesting choice.

    "...The Hours yg mungkin aku akan buat kalau aku tak hilang duka lara aku ni."
    ..err, ko biar betul fadz. I'm startin' to feel ur pain now, bro.

    ..kematian Cecilia dlm TVS sebenarnya ada di no 26 dlm list aku. Aku sempat tgk semula scene ni sebelum aku menulis entri ni. Tragic and shocking..aku rasa it deserves a mention here.

  28. Nazim Masnawi said...

    My God, scene mati dalam Tomb/Grave of the Fireflies! Lupa nak bubuh! The best anime/cartoon death EVER!!! You fuckers should watch that!

  29. swan said...

    The Virgin Suicide tu bila tahun punya filem? Aku tak pernah tengok, ada sesapa nak pinjamkan ahak?? Story macam bagus je mesti kena tengok sebab bila korang review aku ternganga kodok je..

    Donnie Darko pun aku belum tengok. Review Fadz macam best je tapi aku seperdua dari filem yg dimentionkan aku tak tahu apa citer dia...sian aku!

    Aku lupa nak cakap tapi aku pilih juga kematian Gandalph dan scene masa Frodo nak naik sampan kematian....satu cinema menangis tersedu cam Frodo tu laki dia orang termasuklah aku

  30. Edd Vedder said...

    virgin suicides ialah filem besar pertama arahan Sofia Coppola. Filem ni kuar tahun 1999 based on buku Jeffrey Eugenides. Antara pelakon dia ialah Kirsten Dunst, James Woods dan Josh Hartnett. Filem ni actually antara filem terbaik pada tahun 1999. Bagi aku filem ni boleh dikatakan contoh sebuah filem dark comedy yg baik. Kalau nak tengok aku ada cd dia, tapi VCD la (tahun 1999 DVD lum famous..hehe).

    BTW... Donnie Darko, MESTI tonton. MESTI.

  31. fadz said...

    aku baru teringat satu scene death yg paling aku benci sampai sekarang (ko letak yg paling ko suka kan?), sampai aku tak sanggup dan becni gila dgn filem tu. Nama filem tu Caligula arahan ko taulah sape dia. Babak masa Caligula dan bini dan anaknya dibunuh, budak tu kena swing selamba je dan kemudian mati (masa tu depa tukar ngan anak patung), tapi lepas tgk tu aku takleh lupa dan benci meluap tgk filem tu. oh ya, ari ni aku ponteng kerja, tak gila tu? rasa macam dah malas betul nak kerja...

  32. Zack said...

    Jelesnya aku, Fadz. Aku kalo mmg tensen gila, sanggup ambik cuti sehari, and spend the whole day to myself, buat apa aje yg aku suka (yg halal la), takyah fikir pasal kerja, anak, family. The whole day untuk aku dah lama aku tak buat la, hehe..

    Kak Swan, i bought my VCD kat Speedy, masa tu ada offer, 3 for RM10. That novel by Jeffery Eugenides pun best, I bought it at Pay Less Books for a mere RM5!! Tgk dok cari Middlesex kat any budget bookstore.(Right now I am concluding Tideland by Mitch Cullin- hardcover, beli at the same place, 3 for RM10!, my heaven. btw, this has been made into film, directed by Terry Gilliam, so, sesapa yg suka filem2 ala2 Brazil, mungkin suka filem twisted ni).

    Edd, ko perasan tak a young Hayden Christensen dalam TVS? Dia jadi salah sorang date bebudak tuh masa school dance.

  33. Edd Vedder said...

    aku suka weh caligula. Especially final orgy scene dia.. haha. Tinto Brass rawks!

    aku perasan lepas aku tgk semula TVS last month. Muka jambu jek..hehe.

  34. swan said...


    thanks for suggestions, it is a good idea to read the book first then borrow the VCD from Edd err ok ek...
    Another thing aku buku memang berantu, sanggup berabis duit siut specially kalau it's a fine reading. Pay Less Books tu kat mana? Aku selalu beli kat Kino memanglah berasap purse pasal harga siut je. Last time aku dapat beli 3 buku kat Sg Wang computer floor tu..3 buku 15 ringgit ko tahu! terkejut giler aku..all by clive cussler.

    eh lagi aku pikir nak review filem ngan korang lagi excited aku nak buat dinner and movie date ni...bukan selalu jumpa orang yg boleh buat films discussion dan tak pikir diaorang la yg terhebat sekali....aaaa bila ar?

  35. Zack said...

    Kak Swan, Pay Less Book lagi murah dr Sg Wang tu (Selvam's, right, nama kedai dia). The biggest PLB is at Ampang Point, tp banyak juga branches kat Kelana Jaya, dan mana lagi, I'm not sure. Try browse sini la kak, I always take my kid to their biggest store kat Ampang Point. Rambang mata nak pilih !!

    Pasal gathering tu, ahem, kena tanya sapa yg nak organise la kak. To tell u the truth, me myself, kalau bab2 menulis ni boleh lagi la, tp kalo nak berdiskusi face to face, fail!! Any takers ??

  36. spiral said...

    FOD fake? Wowww!! Kalau benar, maka FOD lah "filem" paling gore/horror/shocking/violent whatsoever pernah aku tonton. Cannibal Holocaust & Salo 120 Days of Sodom aku letak no. 2 & 3.

  37. swan said...

    hahahahah ye la spiral sumer to fake je...once masa aku di UK, tengok satu docu pasal japanese bondage and scene bila dia orang potong body part...memang sick giler tapi lepas tu dapat tahu tu sumer FX tahap giler je,.tapi memang real..

  38. fadz said...

    wah, nostalgik bila tgk ni! Nazim is sooo true, the death in Grave of the Fireflies mmg emo death paling gila baban punya!

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